Friday, April 15, 2011

the victoriana of plasticland

Example of one of the Victorian-inspired
tops at Forever 21 this season.
Many readers seem to be most interested in learning more about where to get modern Victorian-inspired fashion pieces.  While neo-Victorian fashion was more mainstream in clothing when I started this blog in Fall 2009, there are still a few hangers-on of Victorian fashion in the stores that I can at least easily access from my location in Pittsburgh, most notably Forever 21.  I cannot say enough how much I love that store for its variety of fashion styles within its walls.  It would be more beneficial if they wouldn't jam the racks with said fashion because I often have to use a lot of upper arm strength that I don't have just to look at the clothes.

Overall, most neo-Victorian fashion pieces are to be found online.  One such place that has some excellent everyday Victorian-influenced items is Plasticland.

Plasticland is an online site for unique items with such influences as rockabilly, goth, cartoon, Japanese, and--you guessed it--Victorian.  They have everything from Victorian-styled shoes to clothes with hints of Victorian fashion to household items such as teacups and wall hangings that look straight out of a 19th century housewife's magazine.

Such as these cute shoes:
image source: Plasticland
Wall decorations to steampunk your bedroom or living room:
image source: Plasticland
And this dress:

image source: Plasticland
...which looks very similar to this dress worn by former Ukrainian prime minister and neo-Victorian fashionista Yulia Tymoshenko:

My favorite item on this site, which is so popular that it's currently on backorder, is this gothic-influenced Victorian cameo tea set.  They're even dishwasher safe:
image source: Plasticland
 My birthday will be coming up in three months or so.  You know, just in case anyone needs any ideas.


  1. I actually have one of those bolero style knit sleeve things that has a similar profile to that black dress. I wear it fairly often with jeans and a ruffled shirt, which makes it look just Victorian enough, without going beyond "smart casual".

    I am known to show up at RPG conventions in full Victorian attire, though. Complete with my era-appropriate corsetry... :)

    (And DAMN YOU! *wink* I've now spent an hour browsing Plasticland!)

  2. Good. Then my plan to take over the world with this blog has truly begun. :)