Monday, May 30, 2011


It's my first full day off in 21 days!  Despite my boss coming back from India, he's still been away from his businesses and I've had to come in for at least an hour each weekend day.  But today there are no worries.  An entire 24 hours to myself.  I'm not so sure I even know what that means anymore.  I might spend the day working on two freelance editing jobs (insert the Unlacing the Victorians Editing Service advertisements here). 

I could write about something truly Victorian steampunk and write about the World Steam Expo in Dearborn, MI that will be ending today, but to be honest I am not sure what I can really discuss, especially since the description is probably going to sound like every other description of every other steampunk event out there.  To learn more check out the event's website here.  And view this YouTube video of the attractions that were expected at the event for your enjoyment.

Now, on to silly and relatively unrelated things.  While at a Memorial Day picnic yesterday my cousin's boyfriend showed up with a mohawk, something he had promised to do around Easter.  After duly poking fun at his hairstyle (a family tradition- we tease each other about everything, from fashionable UGG boots to the too pink color of someone's nail polish to the type of bandana one of the uncles is wearing), he then reminded me of a promise I had made if he did, indeed, show up with a mohawk- to dye my hair purple.  I have until Independence Day to do this.

So here's my question- how do I go about dying my hair purple?  I have never dyed my hair.  The only unnatural chemicals that have touched my dirty blonde hair was the stuff used for two perms I got in my teenage years. I want to dye my hair a dark purple., but probably for only one month.  What sort of dye should I use? Should I go with a semi-permanent or a permanent hair dye?  Can anyone recommend any particular brands?

image source: Sodahead.  This color would be an awesome one to have.


  1. I say GO FOR IT!! :) I colored my hair purple for about 8 years. I have extremely long, delicate hair and the dye I used didn't damage it a bit. The brand I used was Raw (found at Hot Topic) in the color Deep Purple. It is demi-permanent, and would last for about 2 months on me. If you only want it for a month, just wash your hair more often (I usually only wash every 3-4 days).

    I put it on straight over my dark brown hair. NO bleaching! :) It would turn out a very deep eggplant, which was brighter in direct light (sometimes indoors, people wouldn't even notice the purple; they just thought it was black). On you, it would be a bit brighter since your hair is dirty blonde, but still not shockingly bright. It might even come out close to your sample image.

    If you try the Raw, what I did was mix it 50/50 with a very high-quality conditioner (the dye was too thick for me to work with otherwise). Then I would leave it on for an hour or more. That's probably why the color lasted so long for me. Plus the conditioner left my hair SO soft afterward.

    I miss my eggplant hair. The only reason I stopped doing it is it was just too high-maintenance. :)

    Sophistique Noir - Dark, Elegant Fashion

  2. I don't know if you have to use bleach, but I've heard that Manic Panic is great for unnatural colors - and it is plant based rather than a chemical dye. Can't wait to see it!

  3. I've been dying my hair a variety of colours for about four years now, so I think I should be able to help.

    Don't use Manic Panic. They have a great colour selection, but from what I've heard they fade rather fast. Special Effects is well known for lasting forever. Personally, I use Punky Colour because it's easily available, and it lasts a decent amount of time.

    Since you want it dark you won't want to bleach it.

    You won't be able to have it for only one month, though. Dye doesn't work that way, it doesn't wash clean out. You dye your hair. It's dark purple. It starts fading. And it just keeps fading, and fading, and fading. You have to bleach your hair or dye over it to get it out.

  4. Wow, thanks for all of the useful responses! I was going to bleach my hair, but it's good to know that I don't have to now. :)

    @Sophistique Noir- Good to know that I could use that color and still wash my hair everyday if I only want it to last one month. I am a runner, so daily showers (including the hair washing) are a must for me, especially in Pittsburgh's humidity. I definitely don't want my hair too bright, but I do want people to notice it.

    @ Crystal- Where is Manic Panic available?

    @ Ashlee- Thanks for the no-bleach tip as well. Don't worry, I had planned to redye my hair its natural color at the end of the month (i.e. around July 25-30). I plan to dye my hair shortly before the end of June so it will be vibrant for the Fourth of July, when I will next see my cousin's boyfriend.

    Thanks so much for the advice everyone!

  5. Where can I buy or order this purple hair dye?