Tuesday, June 7, 2011

high fashion cogs and brass in oamaru

This past Sunday the second annual Steampunk Fashion Show and Gala Ball was held in Oamaru, New Zealand.  There was quite an effort from a variety of enthusiasts to depict the imagined attire of steampunk adventurers, explorers, warriors, creatures and whatnot.

images source: ShuangLong at SmugMug


  1. wow! I have never seen anything like that! Truly amazing! On a slightly unrelated note, I love your blog. It is always interesting and your strength through difficult times is inspiring.

  2. @ jessieann13- Thank you. It's lovely to hear a compliment about my blog. Most of my friends who read the blog just like to tell me what's wrong with it. :)

    On a serious note, I am flattered that you find me inspiring, especially as I never thought I had any sort of strength. But I can't say that you're wrong either, because hey, I'm still here, still trying to figure out life instead of giving up on it.

    In other words, thank you for your words. They're very much appreciated.