Wednesday, June 15, 2011

i tried...

Not wanting to miss out on the fun that should be International Steampunk Day, as soon as I got home from work yesterday evening I tore apart my wardrobe looking for an appropriate outfit. 

Unfortunately none of my steampunk fashion projects have made much headway, so I threw together a mismatch of clothes that one friend dubbed "more punk than steam."  I have to agree:

the outfit: a plain white blouse, the maroon vest I discussed in this post (without the hoped-for alterations), black shorts from Express, ripped-up fishnets, almost knee-high boots, a lace glove from Claire's, an off-white and silver scarf from a past trip to France, my pocketwatch, and a steampunk necklace made from a copper-colored chain and a variety of industrial charms
But I did receive some odd, if not appreciative looks.  And I did make my boss do a double-take when he walked past me tonight in his coffee shop while I was helping my sister close up after her shift ended, mainly because I looked so odd to my normal mode of dress.

My sister Leigh (right) and I
In retrospect, there were probably a few necessary additions needed to this outfit:

  1. Some sort of gears or clockwork parts to the vest
  2. Headgear. I am leaning towards a decent bowler hat.
  3. Eyewear.  The vote among my friends was a monocle.  I almost filched a pair of eyeglasses that my little sister left in my car just to fulfill the eyewear requirement.
  4. A cane.
  5. A real pair of breeches.  Preferably tweed.
The most important, in my opinion, is a good headpiece.  Otherwise I really do look more punk than steam in this outfit.

What do you think?

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  1. I really like your More Punk Than Steam outfit. I wouldn't be able to pull a last minute steampunk outfit from my wardrobe, that's for sure.