Tuesday, June 14, 2011

international steampunk day!

It took my daily dose of The Ultimate Goth Guide to find out about the existence of International Steampunk Day.

Why the fudge am I the last person to ever find out about these things?  Especially since this isn't the first year that this "event" has occurred.  For shame, Lauren.

There is actually a reason why June 14 is the day chosen for this "holiday," although I can't seem to find out who was responsible for the first International Steampunk Day.  According to Steampunk.com, H.G.Wells, writer of such Victorian science fiction pieces as The Time Machine, was born on June 14--hence why we celebrate steampunk goodness today of all days.

So the point of International Steampunk Day, according the official Facebook page linked above, is to:

...dress up like Steampunk Characters, watch steampunk movies, play steampunk video games, read steampunk books and just bask in the glory that is the steampunk genre. So bust out your goggles and your ray guns, your felt vests and your steam gaskets and imagine a history that might have been...at least for one day.

I can listen to steampunk music, but tonight's a late work night and I can't get back to my closet to don appropriate steampunk gear.  My apparel today is not even remotely neo-Victorian, let alone steampunk -- just a boring black pencil skirt and striped white and red blouse (although I guess the Victorian cameo necklace I am wearing has to earn me some points). 

Maybe I'll have to assemble a few steampunk-themed outfits and take photos to show off tomorrow.


image source: Steampunk Costumes

image source: The Steampunk Tribune

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  1. I didn't know it was International Steampunk day either until i read The Ultimate Goth Guide! How did I not know about this? So don't feel bad. I will be marking it down to celebrate next year.