Thursday, June 2, 2011

more traditional victorian merchandise

So my boss is back from his holiday in India, but he was apparently so pleased with the caretaking of his businesses that I and another one of his employees did that he's going back to India in one month.  This time he wants to be away for a full four weeks.  I am definitely going to need a raise and a vacation as a result. 

That being said, I will be taking a vacation across the Pond in a few months.  I officially bought my plane ticket to Munich a few days ago and will be spending a lovely two and a half weeks touring East Europe with my twin sister Leigh before she begins one year at a German university as part of her grad school program in German literature.  I am thrilled for the following reasons:
  • Vacations are just awesome
  • It's my first vacation in two years.  I am a workaholic by nature, but do need down time like everyone else.
  • It's my first "adult" vacation- meaning I am paying for all of my own expenses instead of having my parents foot part of it, as was the case the last time I was in Europe.
  • I will not know the native language in any of the countries that we will be visiting.  That should be interesting.
  • Most of the trip will take place in Lithuania, where my great-grandparents on my father's father's side are from.  We will be visiting their home city of Kaunas, and plan to make visits to the Hill of Crosses, the site of the two Battles of Tannenberg (which is in Poland, but was once Lithuanian territory) and see the famous Baltic sea and buy some Baltic amber.
I don't see this trip having much to do with Victorianism or neo-Victorian stuff.  But one never knows...

Now on to some more Victorian things.  Looking for merchandise that is more traditionally Victorianesque, either for yourself or as a gift for a loved one?  If you can afford their prices, check out the Victorian Trading Co.

The merchandise on this site is a little too Victorian for me.  That is, much of the jewelry, ornaments, and knicknacks have the gaudy designs, patterns, soft colors, flourishes, and floral touches for which Victorian parlours are famous.  And which, ironically, is what I most dislike about Victorian things.  I am more of a Spartan at heart when it comes to furnishings and designs.  Also, like every other place I seem to find online with decent-quality Victorian items, the prices do make me cringe.  Some of the clothing, which not necessarily Victorian, is absolutely beautiful, like this Blanche Rose tea dress:

image source: Victorian Trading Co.
It's probably well worth its price of $170.  Alas, it is way too much out of my price range.  There are a couple of ball gowns and wedding dresses with somewhat more reasonable price tags, considering how expensive such attire is normally.  For those of you with more money, I do recommend checking out their clothes- most of them are absolutely beautiful.

The site's clearance section, however, seems like something I can reasonably work with, especially for gift-giving ideas.  My mother likes collecting tea sets, for example, so I might consider ordering this lovely set for her upcoming birthday:

image source: Victorian Trading Co.
I also found these ballet flats rather alluring, and not only due to their shinyness- they're $20, well within my price range:

image source: Victorian Trading Co.
I know it's not winter and I would not have much practical use for a muff, but I still think this winter weather accessory set is gorgeous:

image source: Victorian Trading Co.

Plus, this site has a section devoted entirely to free Victorian e-cards.  You know, for those oh-so-special Victorian holidays. 

So if you or someone you know likes higher-end traditional Victorian items, the Victorian Trading Co. might have something for you.  Just make sure you have more money that a poor secretary/personal assistant like me.

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  1. How I drool over the Victorian Trading Co. catalog every time one shows up in my mailbox!!