Saturday, June 11, 2011

non-victorian stuff, shameless plug, and hints of things to come

I have actually been MIA over the past few days- the past three posts were written ahead of time and timed to publish the day and time stamped at the bottom of the page.  One must admit, Blogger certainly knows what its bloggers want/need in order to continue a successful blog.  The scheduling-posts-ahead-of-time concept is one I don't commonly take advantage of, as I often don't know what I want to write until I sit down and do it.  It is useful when you do have a few blog post ideas and know that you won't be able to update at the normal times.

The ceiling in my bedroom is collapsing due to a leak in an air conditioning pump in the apartment above us.  I thought the property manager was going to have it fixed by now, three days later, but one of my roommates told me that he didn't think they were coming to fix it as the leak was fixed.  He says that the ceiling appears to be rather structurally sound despite the water damage it incurred, but I am not thrilled.  If it collapses then there goes my dresser (with a great deal of my clothes), my jewelry box, my full-length mirror, and my tolerance for the shoddy patch-jobs that get done in this crappy little apartment building we live in.  I am certainly getting what I am paying for, as our rent is dirt cheap, but still.  A ceiling with water-damaged boards that are sagging down into the apartment below should, in my opinion, be a concern to the property manager.  We'll see if it gets fixed anytime soon.

My last appointment with my current counselor took place this week, and I think I've been fluctuating between bummed out and somewhat depressed since the night before the last session.  My boyfriend thinks that that's actually a good sign, as he believes it means I am depressed about something real, rather than being depressed about generalities (as I was wont to do at the height of my depression). The counselor and I ended our sessions because she's moving to Hawaii (of all places!).  I really liked her intelligent insights, blunt attitude, and ability to take my own bluntness in stride, and felt that I was getting better over these past four months with her help, so it has been a struggle trying to trust that the new counselor I will be seeing in two weeks will be able to help me to help myself.

I had a lovely visit from my uncle this past week, who's only 16 years older than me.  I hadn't seen him in three years, since he lives in Seattle and I've never been further West than Dearborn, Michigan. This is the part where I insert the shameless plug about why he was in the Pittsburgh region- his blues band, Gravel Road, was traveling around the area with blues musician T-Model Ford.  I made the nearly three-hour trip from Pittsburgh to Erie to see them perform at The Crooked I, which was my first time seeing my uncle play anything live.   

They're coming to Pittsburgh next month, so if you're in the area I'll be at the gig.  Details TBD.

In regard to steampunk stuff, I am actually doing conceptual research on my next steampunk outfit using this vest that I discussed in a post last month.  Details TBD.

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