Wednesday, June 8, 2011

steampunk sea shanties, voltaire-style

Goth Renaissance man Voltaire took the steampunk dive... and I missed it by three years.  Seriously, what is wrong with me?  Am I really that oblivious to what is going on out there?!

Last night, while cruising around YouTube trying to find steampunk music to fit my current writing mood, my searches brought me to Voltaire and his 2008 self-released album, "To the Bottom of the Sea."

With his humor-laced lyrics, Old-World style instrumental backup, and themes of roving, dangers of land and sea, and the destruction of old institutions to make way for the new, this album has certainly kept me hooked for most of this workday.  It's not "truly" steampunk, but it certainly evokes some of the same themes explored in steampunk music and has that world music feel to it that has become a stable of steampunk bands from Abney Park to the Clockwork Dolls.

Below are a few selections of some of my favorite songs:

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