Sunday, June 26, 2011

surprises all around

So I went from blonde Girl-Next-Door to...


The color is Raw's Deep Purple, as recommended by Sophistique Noir. The dye itself was no problem to get- just a quick trip to the local Hot Topic. I got home, washed my hair, dried it, and attempted to put it on, following some of the tips posted on Juliet's Lace... when I realized that I didn't have a brush applicator. I was sure that such an item wasn't exactly necessary, that a comb would do almost as good of a job, but as it was my first time I wanted to have all of the right implements to ensure that I did all I could to put the dye on evenly and thoroughly.

Fast forward two hours later, and I've given up on finding a brush applicator after searching several stores- it was 1:00 a.m. at this point, and the only store open was Rite Aid, which didn't have such an item.

I just went home and did the job with a fine-toothed comb. It's not as even as I had hoped, and the color seems to be coming out at the roots already (giving my hair a somewhat grayish-white palor in those areas), but I don't think it's a bad job at all. I love the color much more than I thought I would- I didn't have to bleach my hair, and Sophistique Noir was dead-on about it looking black in some lights (which is another color I have always wanted to try- makes me feel like I killed two birds with one stone).

The comments I received were... interesting to say the least. A lot of people, especially coworkers, really liked the color. The ones who didn't just didn't say anything. One of my friends did spend a good amount of time poking fun at me and calling me a freak, but the nature of our friendship involves him doing that to me anyway, no matter how I look. The really odd thing is that it seems like more people, especially men, are willing to come up and talk to me. One friend claims that this is because blondes are intimidating, but other guy friends think that that argument doesn't hold much water when held up to their own experiences dealing with blonde women.

Then my boyfriend came back from Origins, whose Victoriana-themed convention inspired him to surprise me with some early birthday gifts:

Scott is wonderful.  And crazy- he's now intentionally completed his girlfriend's transformation to a legitimate steampunk nerd with this pair of googles and the face mask.

More about what Scott found at Origins tomorrow.


  1. I love the color! It looks really good and does seem to have a black tint to it in the first pic! :)

  2. For some reason purple is the color that fades the most quickly even if you do bleach to white first (no idea why though). I haven't used Raw, but based on my experience with other brands, one thing you can do to help the delay the fade is to keep the dye in overnight. This requires prodigious use of vaseline around the hairline and ears, a plastic shower cap, and bed linens you aren't worried about ruining.

  3. This color looks great on you! And it looks subtle enough that it shouldn't freak anyone out too much. :) I'm glad you shared photos of the end result!

    Cool Steampunk accessories, too. Your man rocks!!