Saturday, July 2, 2011

in an era far, far away...

Apparently Star Wars didn't create the concept designs behind Darth Vader and C-3PO.

Scott was been bombarding me with steampunk links this entire morning.  One of them included a pair of 19th century rescue masks.  I'm not totally certain what sort of rescue situation these masks were intended for.  I get the feeling that either the first is a gas mask and the second is an underwater breathing helmet, or they're both meant to protect firefighters:
image source: How to Be a Retronaut
According to the description of these two pieces of Victorian headgear on How to Be a Retronaut:

“This pair of early rescue masks dates from between the mid-1800s and WWI. 

“The black leather helmet on the left is labeled “Respirations Apparat” by “G.B.Konic Altona,” and was made in Hamburg, Germany. 

“The brass, three-quarter face mask to its right was made in Paris by J. Mandet. This type of breathing mask had a very simple apparatus, allowing only a short range of operation. When used, air would be forced into the helmet through no more than 13 meters of flexible tubing by means of a bellows operated remotely from the outside. 

“Both of these masks have mica lenses to help protect the eyes from heat.

One well-known 19th-century manufacturer was named Vajen-Bader”

- Steve Erenberg

What do you think is the intended use for these masks?

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  1. I have no idea what "rescue" situations these are for, but they sure are creepy!