Wednesday, July 6, 2011

pittsburgh finally building steam!

In a post I wrote last September I noted the existence of a steampunk group based in Pittsburgh called The Greater Pittsburgh Steam Society.  While their page seems to have sporadic posts and event notifications/updates at best, there is another page that appears to get more activity- The Steel City Steam Society.

Now, through exploring both their blog and their Facebook group, I have discovered a variety of local events that I definitely need to attend, such as the group's upcoming Mixing Alcohol & Heavy Machinery gathering at Local bar + kitchen in the South Side.    The event was planned as part of Worldwide Strut Your Steampunk Stuff Day (wish I knew the difference between that and International Steampunk Day...)

That is just what I think I need- other nerds to hang out with.  It would certainly make this blog more interesting to update with actual events, and especially in America's original industrial city.

Future events planned by this group include an absinthe party, a cemetery picnic, and a trip to the Allegheny Observatory (followed by a nightcap at Embury, a speakeasy bar located beneath Firehouse Lounge in the Strip District).

With so many potential steampunk events I really need to move my arse on fixing up my steampunk costume. The Mizing Alcohol & Heavy Machinery event is only four days away...

In other news...

My previously purple hair has, um... morphed into an odd variety of colors.  It's purple in the back, blonde at the sides, streaked with blue, and the hair around my forehead has taken a turquoise shade.  I like the uniqueness, especially knowing that it won't be permanent.  But it certainly gives me a reason to stare at the mirror every day and contemplate my appearance.  I wouldn't say that I looked like a freak with such odd hair.  In fact, it all looks mostly brown in dark lights, especially if pulled up.  

My twin sister and I were stopped in the street yesterday by some WHIRL magazine interns, who took our picture for their on street fashion section.  WHIRL is a Pittsburgh-based socialite magazine.  Apparently we looked to be enough of fashionistas to the interns.  I think they were more after my sister, as they had apparently tried to stop her earlier.  Thinking they were pamphleteers or activists of some sort, she pretended to not see them. When we ran into them together they threw me into the mix as more of an afterthought.  Unfortunately I have neither Goth nor neo-Victorian/steampunk clothes on at the time, so I couldn't represent the modern Victorian subculture.  Darn.  :(

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