Monday, July 25, 2011

victorian webcomic: personal demons

Late last night I quite accidentally stumbled upon this webcomic, a darkly beautiful Gothic horror story of sorts- Hopeless, Maine.

The storyline is a masterpiece within itself.  Simply Gothic Victorian, it focuses on the life of Salamandra O'Stoat, a girl whose past is only partly withheld from the readers.  Apparently her father could conjure demons and once delighted in torturing his daughter with the thought of demons coming into her room.  By the beginning of the story both of her parents have disappeared and an elder brother is dead.  The reason why has not yet been explained.  As a result Salamandra is sent to Pallid Rock Orphanage very much friendless and alone.

The artwork reminds me a good deal of Edward Gorey with its dark color template and great focus on death.  One of my favorite scenes is the following, where two orphan girls are playing with a Victorian dollhouse.  Notice what ritual their dolls are taking part in:

This story is intriguing in the way it captures depression in the form of a demon that people fruitlessly try to take comfort in.  It is also just beautiful in its presentation and execution.  Check it out here.


  1. This sounds amazing but the links don't seem to work anymore, i think I have found it though! Checking it out now! Thanks!

  2. I just read all there is so far, it is truly amazing! Thanks so much!

  3. So glad you like!
    Tom and Nimue Brown