Thursday, August 18, 2011

across the Pond

Soon I will be embarking on my two-week backpacking trip throughout Eastern Europe.  It' s been quite an interesting experience for me, from making sure I purchased extra Euros from the bank so I would have some cash on hand, to making sure all of my luggage fits TSA requirements.  The hardest thing about this preparation, however, has not even been the paperwork, the money balancing, or figuring out how I am getting from city to city.  It's been the packing.

I so want to look good in Europe.  But with only a hiking backpack (with attached daypack), I just can't fit much.  So I chose a base color- brown- and based the four or five "outfits" I plan to wear around that color.  Layers has been my goal- two camis, two blouses, and two cotton shirts, one pair of jeans, and a brown skirt.  Only two pieces of jewelry will be going with me, very basic toiletries, minimal makeup(only foundation, eyeliner, and simple eyeshadow) and one extra pair of brown flats.  Only socks and undergarments are packed in abundance for every day I will be away.

Despite this list I predict that I will still have to go through my bag and remove even more of these items, as I still have to add a sweatshirt and/or a warm fall jacket.  And I think I need to add a towel, as Leigh and I will be in hostels throughout most of the trip.

Now if I could just condense my copy of The Fountainhead then my bag might not feel so heavy.

As for this blog, I have pre-written six posts for the two weeks that I will be away, so there should be plenty for you all to read.  No internet for me for two weeks.  What a blessing!  Sometimes I do get sick of technology- I find it hinders my ability to think at times.

Where have you all gone this summer?  Has anyone been to Europe?  Any advice for a newbie backpacker?

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  1. Have a great trip! I'm afraid I don't have too much advice as I've onlybeen to the UK.