Saturday, August 13, 2011

steampunk safari

The below photo is a steampunk outfit I threw together for a Steel City Steampunk Society event last Friday. However, I ended up missing the event because I got lost. At least I got one good outfit idea out of it.

The skirt I bought from Anthropologie, the pair of knee-high black boots I got one year for Christmas, the blouse I bought from a secondhand store in Squirrel Hill, and I borrowed the pith helmet from my boyfriend. I made the steampunk gun myself. I wish I had done a close-up of my makeup because it turned out perfect.- so gentle and Victorian-looking, it hardly looked like I had makeup on- rather a sort of natural glow highlighted by light green and blue eyeshadow and a very thin eyeliner. But I was already running late and didn't want to miss the event, so I rushed out the door without that photo.

Go figure.

The past two weeks have been particularly tiring and, in many ways, frustrating. From going through a case of the blues that has you fearing that your depression has come back to letting your new counselor know that you don't think she's a good fit for you and you'd like a new counselor (which, oddly enough, dissipated my blues) there has been an emotional roller coaster as well as a physical one. I've also worked my arse off at both a previous job's battle reenactment last weekend as well as my current jobs this week and am starting to feel a bit burned out.

Goodness, I cannot wait until my European vacation. If anyone wants to submit a guest post that will go up during my trip please email me at the address on my profile before next Friday.

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