Thursday, September 22, 2011

"the mechanical grave"

Here's an interesting teaser trailer for a new steampunk series called "The Mechanical Grave":

The synopsis of the show is as follows:

The year is 1895. Steam-powered ships fly through the air. Clockwork robots have replaced servants. And a grisly murder has taken place in the dark night of New York City. Called to the scene of the ritualistic murder of a young woman, newly appointed police commissioner Teddy Roosevelt discovers Detective Wayne and his police officers power usurped by two special investigators appointed by the White House: Occultist Edgar Allan Poe, a clockwork automaton housing the soul of the literary legend, and Mrs. Emma Entwistle, a dangerous assassin with a unique connection to the otherworld. When they illicit information from the demon Neshrew, a much darker and more dangerous plot of world domination is uncovered.
 Does anyone have any information on where and when it will appear?  All I can gather from their Facebook page (seemingly the only real source of information) is that this show will come out mid-Fall 2011.

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