Tuesday, October 25, 2011

humdrum workday turned steampunk fun!

'Twas the afternoon 'fore today, and all through the office,
The lawyers were gone, the secretaries absent.
Silence descended on the vacant space,
Except for one keyboard, typing apace.
Your blogger was working on Microsoft Excel
When she thought she would stretch her legs for a spell,
One hour until the work day was done,
And she could go for Girls Night Out fun.
A trip to the mailbox was surely in order,
For bills and junk mail to be sorted over.

By the brass-colored boxes, what did she spy?
Two nondescript boxes caught her eye.
The first, addressed to an Indian name,
Bespoke of new checks for the same.
The second, larger and wrapped in brown paper,
Addressed to your dear Unlacer.

She grabbed both boxes and rushed up the stairs
And once in her office, ripped the paper to shreds.
She lifted the ancient box's lid
And found therein an eBay bid
Hard-won in a search for a ballgown
For which to wear to let her hair down
For Goblins & Gears, a steampunk ball
A charity event outside DC this fall.

The dress was green, violet and blue
Shimming and changing colors anew
With each new angle and every new light
Made as one swishes through the night
Sewn beads on the bosom, black fringe there too
Cloth draped the waist, a dark rich blue.
Draped in the back with crushed black velvet
And flowered cloth, colored fringe so elegant
A pillowed bustle to enhance her posterior
Rounded out the decorated derriere.
Jewels, a rose, lace and sparkle
Completed the weighty dress's dazzle.

Atop the dress lay a black top hat
More fitting for one with a cravat,
If left in a plain and unadulterated state
But this hat had trimmings for feminine tastes.
Roses and ribbons and gold chains draped the back
With more flowered cloth and layers of black
A dark daisy, a peacock feather, and other bling
To complete this girly steampunk thing

Your blogger noted all around
The vacant desks, the absence of sound.
She blasted on a steampunk band
And, with dress and hat in hand,
Rushed into the printing room, locked the door,
Threw 21st century clothes to the floor,
Transformed herself into a belle of the ball
Then hurried out into the hall.
A mirrored wall had been built there,
Long ago, along the elevator.
She stood on the landing, gazed at the glass
And saw a Victorian lady looking back,
Not in clothes such a one would wear
But this blogger does not really care.
The appearance is pleasing, the dress a dream
For a science fiction world run by steam.

Yes, poetry is not my forte.  Yes, most of the rhymes and punctuation are questionable.  Yes, I could have written this description in a much simpler way.  But where's the fun in me writing posts in the same old format all of the time?  

And yes, I really did try the dress on at work.  The photos were taken at my boyfriend's apartment by said boyfriend.

More information on the seamstress who made me this lovely dress to come in a future post.


  1. Very nice, both the poem and costume. (Nothing was stirring, not even a goblin). Yet, I see such a sad love, deep in your eyes. A kind of pale jewel, open and closed, within your eyes. I guess what I'll do is place the sky ... within your eyes. And in nine hours and twenty three minutes, you'll be miiiiiine! Mwahahahahaha!

  2. Great poem! and I adore your hat!:)

  3. Gorgeous dress and that hat is sublime!