Saturday, October 22, 2011

lolita invasion begins in earnest

It's official:  Lolita fashion has hit the U.S. Market via something more tangible than online Japanese stores or online specialized clothing retailers.

According to this post in CNN's Geek Out blog, the Lolita line h.NAOTO will be premiering this fall in many boutiques in San Francisco.  Included in h.NAOTO's line are many items that, according to the blog, fall into the "gothic Lolita" category.

image source: Geek Out! blog
 The post goes on to explain the concept behind the Lolita fashion:

Many Americans may be familiar with the word "Lolita" from Vladmir Nabokov's 1955 novel, which tells the tale of a middle-aged man who falls in love with a twelve year old girl. The novel has remained a topic of discussion ever since, spawning the pop culture version of lolita, which was once used to describe a "sexually precocious" girl.

However, another aspect of the word "lolita" describes youth, and it's this meaning that's intended in the fashion style that bears this name. The style includes victorian-inspired clothing and also echoes Rococo stylings, although since its inception the fashion genre has expanded to include much more....

Some fans of the fashion believe that it is a direct commentary on the oversexualization of the female image, and by taking it in a new direction, lolitas challenge the image of what women are supposed to look like. Some believe it makes them less approachable, creating a wall of safety between themselves and men who might otherwise approach them. Some enjoy the idea of looking doll-like and simply enjoy the fashion for what it is, and like wearing it out in public gatherings.
Read the article in its entirety here.

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