Monday, October 10, 2011

work appropriate

This recent article about fashion do's and don'ts at work by VictorianKitty over at Sophistique Noir inspired me to think more about my fashion choices for work and work-related events.  Last night I attended a wine reception with the lawyers and legal secretaries that my boss and I share offices with.  I am trying to get more work from the lawyers and legal secretaries with the hope of getting more exposure to the legal profession, so I saw this as a perfect networking opportunity to chat with people who are not quite my coworkers.

The dress code: cocktail attire.  So I went with this white dress with black roses on it from Ann Taylor Loft, nylons, and black high heels:

To add my signature neo-Victorian touch, I went with somewhat heavier eyeliner, a white cameo necklace on a black background (which is, unfortunately, covered by my hand), and Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips (in Laced Up):

I know, my photography skills still need  a lot of help.  I was actually running late and, determined to get a few shots in, took them quickly.  I do plan on setting up a wall of my bedroom with cloth, mirrors, and a lamp to direct light so self-portraits and close-ups will be more in focus.

I will do a close-up of the Salon Effects Strips soon- they add a nice little touch to any outfit with black of a bit of a goth edge to it, and are ridiculously easy to put on.  The only problem with them is that if you open a package of them you have to use them immediately, as they are made with real nail polish and will dry up quickly.

At the reception I received compliments on the cameo and dress, although I doubt anyone could actually see my nails.  The nails did come in handy for a graveyard photo shoot the Steel City Steam Society had at the Allegheny Cemetery in Lawrenceville yesterday.  Photos from that event to follow in another post.

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  1. That dress is perfect for cocktails with coworkers. You look totally elegant (and appropriate) with just enough hint of "dark." I bet the cameo was the perfect classic touch!