Monday, November 14, 2011

the benefits of being a neo-victorian lady attending a ball

This past Saturday evening your blogger attended a Victorian House Ball at an abode in McKeesport, Pennsylvania (just outside the Steel City in which she resides).  While there she partook of delicious delicacies such as spaghetti and tomato sauce, pretzel bread, and New York Style cheesecake.  She also learned the basic steps of tango, having much fun amidst some indelicate stepping on several of her partners' feet.  At least the bustle train situation with her ball gown has been resolved with an artful arm loop gathering she's now mastered.

There were also some wonderful DIY items for auction- key necklaces and fascinators handmade by Gwilliam & Black (the "company" of the head of the Steel City Steam Society).  Several cravats, handmade by the hostess Desiree', were also available, but your blogger was outbid in the cravat she had hoped to procure for her favored gentleman, Scott.  She did, however, manage to nab a beautiful brass necklace and a lovely fascinator complete with ribbons and artificial bird:

As an aside, driving noticeably confused at an intersection at 1:00 a.m. is liable to have one pulled over by the Pittsburgh City Police as a suspected DUI driver.  It also doesn't help when the officer has noticed that your  bustle skirt got caught in the car door.  But getting out of the car in all your Victorian ballgown glory and demonstrating just exactly what kind of "house party" you just came from and how easily one's train can get stuck in a car door apparently gets the officer to stop questioning the veracity of your formerly proclaimed alcohol intake.  And results in some surprise and ogling on the policeman's part.

And when the officer gives you directions to safely get back to familiar territory and then tells you that "You're too pretty to be in this neighborhood at this time of night," your night has just been made, and you can't help but give credit to your fashionable neo-Victorian tastes.  

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  1. Haha! What a great story. I bet you made Mr. Policeman's night. You are so lucky to find all of these wonderful things to do! L.A. has lots of things to do, but you can bet they'll be jam packed, sweaty, and ridiculously expensive.

    Can't wait to see that mini hat in action!!