Friday, November 18, 2011

drawing it all in...

Several random items of note:

It appears that steampunkers are giving Victoria (the Canadian province, not the historical era) designer Ian Finch-Fields flak for designing a steampunk-inspired armpiece for an upcoming Justin Bieber Christmas music video.  Check out the article about the teeny bopper icon's controversial gauntlet in the Times Colonist here.

In other news, according to a post by the blog The Steampunk Tribune, steampunk band Abney Park is coming out with a new album- consisting mostly of revamped acoustic versions of the songs many steampunkers already know and love. The band's Whitby Goth Weekend interview in which they discuss the new album, entitled "Off the Grid," can be viewed below:

I'm not sure how I feel about an entire album of essentially "old work."  While I usually love acoustic versions of songs because of their unique take on the music, the redone songs better be awesome if they want fans to buy an album that's full of songs they already have.  I'll probably have to give the acoustic versions of songs like "The Wrong Side" and "Aether Shanties" a good listen on YouTube before settling on buying it.

But the fact that the band already has 90% of the following album written is definitely exciting news to me!

Finally, I need to do a retraction of a review I wrote a few weeks ago.  This is my review of the movie Sucker Punch.

The sad thing is, I truly agree with nearly everything I wrote in the review.  But the main thing I've realized is that I was wrong about the movie having a deeper meaning.


Because I can't stop thinking about it.

In the weeks following that review I have found myself replaying scenes from the movie multiple times in my head.  Certainly having purchased most of the soundtrack music from iTunes has facilitated these mental images.  But I have also been YouTubing deleted scenes from the movie, and reviewing scenes as well.  During my afternoon runs, with "Where Is My Mind" and "White Rabbit" blasting in my headphones, I've been thinking more about the message of the movie.   have to agree with Designer Diva, who commented on my review:

"The main messge was that sometimes there is no way out, life isn't fair, and bad things happen. It was an artful approach to real life. Life sucks, fight hard, but in the end just remember, no one gets out alive."
But I also think the important thing to remember is that part of the "fight hard" aspect is that those who fight have not given up hope- they still think there is a chance they will get out alive.  In many ways the entire movie can be a fitting description of any physical and emotional struggle one may have.  For me the struggle is a continuous fight against depression.  When one stops fighting depression one has given up hope.  I have had several instances of giving up hope.  I guess I never fully gave it up, as I am still here and now at a relatively safe place in my mental and emotional status for the time being.  But it's a terrifying feeling to think that there is absolutely no reason for you to continue existing on this earth.  Every day is a fight.  Sucker Punch shows those fights in a metaphorical sense, not hesitating to show that many people eventually lose the fight one way or another and never make it out of whatever struggle they may be going through alive.

So Sucker Punch, I retract what I said about there being no real depth to you.  I still think it was silly to plaster numerous scenes with scantily-clad females.  I still think you appeal more to men than to women.  But I do applaud you for obviously making an impression on me weeks after I've viewed the movie in a way that I cannot recall a movie having done so before.

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