Wednesday, November 9, 2011

ea, stop sneaking concert information by me!

So I  have finally found a friggin' use for Twitter... (*grumble*)

Apparently Emilie Autumn put up tour dates for her "Fight Like a Girl" North American Tour 2012 on The Asylum website SEVEN DAYS AGO!  Where was my Asylum email notification (which I signed up for over one year ago) regarding this tour?!  If I was still on Twitter I at least would have received a tweet about the tour. Great.  I've found ONE useful need for Twitter so far in my life.

As a result I lost the chance to even consider doing the VIP experience a second time at Mr. Small's Theater in Millvale, PA.  Not a major loss, as I wasn't sure if I was willing to fork over another $75 a person for a VIP experience.  Not being a VIP also means that I now have extra cash with which to justify purchasing overpriced concert merchandise.  

Ironically enough, I just ordered two corsets earlier today. A new Unlacing the Victorians Asylum outfit is now officially in the works!

My little sister Jordan is already planning on attending this show with me and this time around I am a member of a Pittsburgh steampunk group with which to spread the good news!

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  1. Hi, I know how you feel :)

    Too bad I will not be attending next year's tour because I have an eye surgery on the beginning of Feb. I was going to go to the Los Angeles one.

    I actually just found out today that she posted a tweet. Actually, I found out through an updated EA fansite.

    Want a link?