Sunday, November 6, 2011

engineering a new look

Here are several photos of me experimenting with a new look made from a mismatch of items already in my wardrobe to create a female Victorian engineer!

For this look I employed several tips VictorianKitty of Sophistique Noir gave me about taking photos.  I used a blank wall (with the exception of the futon frame- it will be leaving my apartment by Thanksgiving), used my five-headed lamp to light up the area, and set up a mirror on the wall opposite so I could take the photos.  I am overall pretty satisfied with how they came out.  Thank you VictorianKitty for your photo setting advice!  And many thanks to Ray Feather, whose tips for relaxing during photos I have really been trying to use over the past few weeks.

The outfit includes the lace sleeved top ordered from eBay that I featured in this post, a maroon vest I found in a thrift shop, my steampunk goggles, a pocketwatch, leather work gloves recycled from my boyfriend's 2009 Rorschach Halloween costume, a brown flowy skirt from another thrift store, and handmade clockwork earrings and a choker with a skeleton key on it.

The makeup is Clinique foundation with powder, blush,eyeshadow, and eyeliner from an Ulta makeup kit.  I usually just pick three bizarre eyeshadow colors and attempt to make them work together- often trying to match three colors in my outfit.  As this outfit was mostly shades of brown, however, I decided to go with three more random colors instead.  This time I chose a shade of white, a shade of violet, and a shade of light brown with black eyeliner and a white and bronze mix of face powder with a more neutral lip gloss.

How do you decide what sort of makeup shades to wear?


  1. Great outfit! I could definitely see you winding through the mad cap engine room of a pirate steamship in it.
    On outfit photos: there is a blog called "iron cage skirt" written by a pro-photographer who wrote up a few posts on taking photos of yourself and outfit shots that I found incredibly helpful.

  2. Thank you ladies for your compliments!

    @ Sabayon- Thanks for the tip. That blogger has excellent tips about take self-portraits and photos (and shows photos of the actual photo area too! That's very helpful!) I will definitely have to follow her methods in the future, including using the white handkerchief for close-up shots of teh face and where to place lighting.

  3. Great photos! And I love the outfit!!! You can pull off the brown tones really well.

    Ooh, the handkerchief tip is brilliant! I think I've looked at Iron Cage Skirt before but I think it's time for a refresher course. :) She has some wonderful tips. However, I haven't had much luck with bouncing regular lamps off of walls, as they just don't seem to emit enough light for that method (at least when photographing primarily black clothes). Might work well for lighter-colored outfits though!