Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Monthly Theme Post: Gloves/Armwarmers

As part of Sophistique Noir's Monthly Theme Post for November, I have decided to feature two of my three "sets" of gloves.  

The first is a pair of elbow-length evening gloves purchased at a neighborhood variety store this past Friday for only $1.98. They were the final touch to the outfit that I wore to the Goblins and Gears Fantasy Ball and for passing out Halloween candy to local schoolchildren:

The nice thing about these gloves is that their simple but elegant appearance means I can pair them with so many other neo-Victorian fashion pieces- whether they be corsets or full-length dresses.  They were also perfect for keeping my hands and arms warms on what was a rather windy fall afternoon in Pittsburgh- so much so that I did not take them off when I went back into the office to finish the rest of my workday.  Typing in comfortable gloves is fun.

As an aside, my boss said that my neo-Victorian Halloween "costume" did not look like a costume at all.  And the plethora of compliments I received from people, both on the street and accompanying the trick-or-treaters, was astounding and very flattering.  Although go figure, many kids asked me what I was supposed to be and two young men asked me if I was supposed to be Mary Poppins.

The second "set" is actually a single glove:

This particular piece is my first attempt at neo-Victorian DIY clothing, made for my first Emilie Autumn concert in December 2009.  It was just a piece of material that was on the back of the gold and cream colored corset that I wore to the concert.

I had originally cut the piece off of the corset because its only purpose was to cover up the skin on one's back that normally shows between even tightened corset strings.  I actually like "revealing" that bit of skin, so the material was useless to me.  But I kept it and instead used the entire piece to fashion a glove of sorts for myself.  I already had gold roses to sew onto the glove, and then broke apart an old gold beaded bracelet from The Limited and sewed the beads onto the glove.  Since I only had enough material for one glove I thought it was fitting to make it asymmetrical on my hand.  A nice little clasp located on the right side of my wrist, and I had a glove/wristband of sorts to complete an odd Asylum outfit for the concert.

Have you ever tried to make a glove for yourself?  How did it turn out?


  1. Brilliant! The end result is so elegant, and totally looks like it was just meant to be. My DIY gloves/armwarmers are usually just tubes of stretchy fabric. Sometimes with a slit for the thumb. :-D

    Oh, how I love a good long pair of opera gloves. Very jealous that you found them for $1.98!!!

  2. Very nice DIY project! The wristband looks elegant and beautiful! Oh, and I just love those black gloves! No wonder you didn't want to take them off. :)