Sunday, November 13, 2011

naked november

I certainly think this Naked November homework "challenge" presented by Le Professeur Gothique is well worth taking- revealing your "naked" face in all of its glory to the world.

I'm not trying to look hateful... I literally just woke up before I shot this photo.  I didn't even brush my hair.
My skin care routine is literally just soap and water.  I've tried various cleansers over the years, but I never noticed any one of them working more effectively than the others or, for that matter, better than soap and water.  Before I go to bed at night I wash my face with a soapy washcloth.  No hard scrubbing- just enough to get the makeup off.

When I wake up in the mornings I wash the area around my eyes with a wet washcloth, and then soap it up to get everything else.

I am a true American mutt- roughly 37.5% German, 25% Serbian, 25% Lithuanian and 12.5% English and Welsh.  There are also rumors that my mother's side has some Turkish in them, which is not surprising as the Turks managed to rape their way across the Balkans for centuries before my ancestors left Serbia.  There could also be a healthy mix of French, Polish, and Russian thrown in, but it's so inconsequential at this point I don't even count them.

Ironically enough, the German and Lithuanian aspects of my appearance are what shine through most vividly- the blonde hair and blue eyes, the height (I'm 5'8") and a healthy average weight.  And the small nose- two of my sisters received larger, Serbian noses thanks to genetics and are both shorter than my twin sister and I.

What I like about my face is my nose, my high cheekbones, and my forehead.  The nose had to grow on me- my boyfriend started praising the perfection of my nose years ago, and only recently have I come to agree that it's small enough and symmetrical enough for me to appreciate.

The youthful appearance is also something I can look forward to as I grow older- both of my mom's parents, first-generation Americans and full-fledged German (grandfather) and Serbian (grandmother) received excellent genes that made them look like they were in their 50s even as they were in their 70s.  My mom received the same trait- once even managing to get asked out by a 16-year-old boy at one of my high school's football games when in her mid-40s.  I never even got asked out in high school based on my looks!  As it went, when I was 18 I had the ignominious discomfort of being mistaken as being 12 years old by a neighbor of mine.  The neighbor was mortified when I informed her that I would be graduating high school within months, and then tried to fix her mistake by telling me that I would look like I was in college when I was in my 30s.

My dislikes include the color of my eyes- they're just boring for blue eyes.  They are a grayish blue, and I would rather them be a darker blue.   I also don't like what I term "my Russe redness" or "my drunk Russian cheeks"- a red tint to my cheeks that I tend to think makes me look like a stereotypical cartoon image of a Russian peasant lush on vodka.

Axe-wielding Russian with red cheeks attacking one of Napoleon's officers
 during the failed 1812 campaign against Russia.  image source: The Oprishki

This redness means that blush is usually unnecessary in my makeup regimen.  It also means that I have many photos, especially when taken after a strenuous activity like dancing, where I look red all over as a result.

Overall I am not too bothered by the appearance of my face.  I often go without makeup on the weekends, and sometimes even avoid wearing it for work.

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  1. I have to say, you look great in your "naked" face. You do appear very youthful. :)

  2. WOW! You really have a perfect nose ... and perfect lips! Hey, don't knock your eye color because I would kill for blue eyes. Or maybe green. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Simply gorgeous.

  3. lol! You are WAY cuter than a drunk Russian. ;) And your nose is awesome!

  4. You're right about the "Serbian nose" :D However, Serbian people are extremely tall - so I assume you got that from us. :)