Wednesday, November 30, 2011

neo-victorian office manager

I decided to make a humdrum workday more exciting yesterday by an interesting combination of Victorian-inspired and color-coordinated pieces:

I apologize for the bad quality of the photos- I was in a rush to take these before I went to work and didn't have time to set up a corner of my apartment for an actual photo shoot.   I hated how my hair turned out, so after this "shoot" I changed my hair to be half-up, half-down.

I also did not wear the hat to work... I just wanted to play around with it for these photos. I think the little hats tend to look better on one when one's hair is let down.

I received compliments all day about the color combination of the red shirt with the red umbrella, the blouse itself, and the thigh highs.  The heels, however, were not a fun work addition.  I was so thankful when my day was done and I could remove those pesky heels.

Overall, I think this outfit was a success.  I just need to work on my hair styles.  Any recommendations?

Ruffle blouse: vintage, $5.00
Pleated skirt: Victoria's Secret, a gift from my boyfriend Scott 
Rose-patterned thigh highs: Halloween store, $6.00
High heels: DSW, $40.00
Red Umbrella: vintage, $4.00
Necklace: vintage, $4.00

Note: All vintage items were previously featured in this post.

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  1. This is brilliant! Everything is in perfect balance, and everything goes with everything else. Love the shoes (sorry they weren't comfortable!!).