Tuesday, November 15, 2011

professor moriarty in da 'burgh

As I was traveling along a highway the other day I came across a huge billboard advertising the performance of a play called "The Mask of Moriarty."

Of course I had to check out the details, knowing that the play was probably specifically chosen to coincide with marketing and hype for the theatrical release of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011).

Performed by the Pittsburgh Irish and Classical Theater (PICT), "The Mask of Moriarty" is, apparently, much more comical than the upcoming Guy Ritchie film.  Labeled a "Holiday Comedy for the Whole Family" on their website, the synopsis is as follows:

The 2011 holiday show features two characters as widely known as any figures in history—the dynamic duo of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson! Holmes and his faithful sidekick come up against their most brilliant and dastardly malefactor in The Mask of Moriarty, a comedy thriller by beloved Irish playwright Hugh Leonard (Da, A Life). Leonard throws everything into the mix from mop-headed hunchbacks to Hitler’s secret parentage—even the identity of Jack the Ripper!—in this fiendishly fun caper fit for the entire family (now say THAT three times fast).

Considering that PICT did an excellent theatrical rendition of Jane Eyre two Decembers ago ( which I reviewed in this post) it promises to be at least an enjoyable production.  Tickets are expensive though- $50.00 for weekend evening performances and $46.00 for weeknight and matinee performances for Adult tickets.  Fortunately I still quality in the Youth category, for ages 25 and under, so such a performance would only cost me $20.00.

The play will  be performed at the Charity Randall Theater on the University of Pittsburgh's Oakland campus from December 1 through December 17.  One can purchase tickets online by clicking on this link or checking out the PICT website.

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