Thursday, November 3, 2011

queen vicky's unmentionables for sale!

Yesterday an auction at the Lyon and Turnbull auction house in Edinburgh, Scotland, had many lots that consisted of many unique pieces of authentic Victoriana memorabilia.

But who knew that the collection would include a framed pair of Queen Victoria's silk bloomers?  Or that said bloomers would bring a bid of over 9,500 pounds?

image source: Reuters
According the Reuters, the undergarments were quite an unexpected hit at the auction, as were
The Princess Chained to a Tree, an 1866 painting of a white-robed girl bound to a garden tree, by [pre-Raphaelite] English artist Edward Coley Burne-Jones... [and a] renowned painting of Victoria astride her horse with her Scottish servant John Brown holding the reins went for a surprise 120,000 pounds, compared with an estimate of around 30,000.

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