Wednesday, November 16, 2011

teslacon II

From November 18 to November 20, 2011, a unique event will take place in Madison, Wisconsin.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I now present to you the return of TELSACON, an event I heard about months ago but wish I had had the finances to attend.

For those who are unaware, TeslaCon is a steampunk convention that was only started last year to bring steampunk fans and fanatics together for a weekend of sci-fi and fantasy fun set in the 19th century that never was.  Admittance is by ticket purchase only.   It was so popular among attendees last year that the creators have decided to go for another year, increasing the amount of tickets to be sold.

For TeslaCon II the theme is 20,000 Leagues Beyond the Aether, a weekend long trip exploring the steampunk world of the convention:
Our trip will begin onboard the HMS Trident, the newest underwater vehicle built by the Bobbins Dirigible and Balloon Corporation. A virtual submergible that will transport you, the attendees, across the globe with a stop in Egypt then a diplomatic mission to a new underwater city and, finally, we will finish our underwater voyage by arriving in the exotic city of Peking in China.

The convention will transport you into a Steampunk world where staff and ship’s crew will assist you during the weekend in full regalia. Courteous ship’s valets will deliver your luggage to your state room while my staff will make sure your weekend aboard the HMS Trident is full of panels, adventure and, of course, the fun you will only find at TeslaCon. Even the food to be served will be planned to fit our excursion and points of interest.
Attractions and events to be featured at TeslaCon II include:
  • Body art
  • Ball dancing lessons
  • Costume contests
  • Bartitsu lessons
  • Steampunk merchandise vendors
  • Panels on Jules Verne, costuming, "antiquing,"steampunk comics, naval warfare and more
  • Victorian Science Fiction wargaming
  • Readings by authors Gail Carriger (Soulless series), George Mann (Time Hunter series) and Paul Magrs (The Adventures of Brenda and Effie series)
  • Performances by musicians such as Eli August, UnWoman, Dublin O'Shea and Veronique Chevalier
  •  Numerous theatrical performances
And, of course, a Tea Room and the TeslaCon Ball.

All tickets were pre-registration and have been sold out for weeks.  Some of the members of the Steel City Steam Society will be in attendance.  As for me, I chose going to the much cheaper Goblins & Gears Ball over TeslaCon.  Couch surfing and traveling to Maryland are much cheaper and less time consuming than a trip to Wisconsin, although I am sure that the money spent will be well worth it. 

I am so jealous of all of you who are going to this amazing convention!

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