Sunday, November 20, 2011

vintage finds

Yesterday morning at the crack of dawn my roommate Angelene and I headed out of Crafton, 20 minutes outside Pittsburgh, to check out an estate sale.  The flier made it sound like there would be loads of vintage items, especially clothing.  It also stated the address to be at 1939.

Well, after waking up a particularly unhappy young man at 8 a.m. and finding out that 1939 was not the correct address, we headed two buildings down and found the estate sale.

There wasn't much clothing or accessories that fit my Victorian tastes.  But what there was I eagerly snatched up, and all for about $20 total.

The first was a brilliant red polyester blouse with a beautiful pattern.  The pattern and the rich red color will be hard to see- apparently my camera doesn't like taking photos of things that are red:

The next items were a cameo-looking necklace and a brooch.  The brooch itself isn't particularly Victorian- I just really wanted a brooch and I loved the tear-drop pearls on it:

Then one of the sellers showed me this amazing umbrella.  It's a bit rusty on the inside, but the outside could be decorated with black lace.  It would look gorgeous:

But the final item I fell upon was one of those impulse buys- something that I would probably never find the likes of again and so should just pounce on it.  I'm not even sure what it is, am convinced that it is not Victorian (the woman who rang me up told me that she thought it was from the 1920s at the earliest) and certainly have no practical use for at this juncture:

It is a bottle surrounded by a metal chain case with a photo of an Edwardian woman on it.  The topper is metal and screws onto the glass bottle.

Methinks this item was supposed to hold some sort of cosmetic.  Well, whatever it is, it certainly looks nice sitting amongst my gold tea set in our living room:

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