Thursday, December 22, 2011

the boyfriend and neo-victorian crafting

Since we will be apart from each other for this holiday weekend, my boyfriend Scott and I celebrated Christmas early.  We exchanged gifts after dinner on Saturday evening.

My gift was big and somewhat heavy.  Scott thought I had some idea what it was.  I had absolutely none.  Ripping off the wrapping paper, I was stunned by what I saw- a basic Singer Simple sewing machine:

He had heard me say that I wanted one to work on further sewing projects.  Despite having requested one for Christmas from my parents, I was pretty sure the hefty price tag of one would discourage them from getting one for me.  And now it makes sense why my JoAnn Fabrics purchases of last week interested him so much...

As far as what I was looking for, Scott hit all of the right marks.  I haven't used a sewing machine since my junior high Home Economics class, so I wanted something simple- no real frills or confusing buttons.  This machine included bobbins and instructions and extra needles.  What more could an inexperienced seamstress like me want anyway?

Although Scott's tendency to purchase me these sort of things has me wondering- what's his motive?

According to him, it's to encourage my "hobby."  Scott loves his hobby- painting wargamining miniatures.  He assembles and paints lead and plastic toy soldiers for the fun of it.  He's absolutely obsessed with it and has been for much longer than we have known each other.

I think the other benefit he could find from me having a creative hobby like sewing (and the suspected motive for his gift) is that I could sew while he painted and we could have a full conversation.  Currently I try to write while he paints.  What commonly happens is that he starts talking and I am so engrossed in my writing (or reading something that I am writing about) that I don't hear most of what he is saying.  But I don't currently have anything else, other than reading aloud to him, that I can do while he is painting.  And a lot of our time together is spent with him painting.

Scott apparently also wants me to be a crafter, or so this recent (nonChristmas) gift I received from him tells me.

I had expressed a need for a hot glue gun while making my failed clockwork doll key last week, as there were several instances during that experiment where a glue gun would have been much appreciated.  The boyfriend was a little surprised when I informed him that the pattern on this fancy glue gun that he purchased for me was a very Victorian pattern.

He knows me so well, even subconsciously.  


  1. What an awesome gift! As for motive, I'd say he must have a pair of jeans that are too long. That's why Mr. Kitty loves my sewing machine so much... ;-D

  2. hey! let me know how the singer simple works out. i was thinking of buying one myself...

    as i am a home-ec sewing noob for sure.

  3. What a couple of awesome gifts!! The sewing machine looks great! I would love to have one as well, so many sewing projects I can think of. I love your glue gun! What a lovely pattern! Hot glue guns are so useful.. recently I got one for myself and I use it for crafts and small repairs. Mine is an ordinary looking one though, I love the look of yours! :)