Wednesday, December 21, 2011

porcelain doll makeup tutorial

As promised, here is my makeup tutorial for a porcelain doll look.  Yes, this is the first time I have appeared on video on the internet.  It's a bit scary, actually- I made numerous "word" mistakes in my nervousness.  Writing is such a safer way to go, and involves less set-up to boot.  You have NO idea how much trouble I had with the lighting- there were about five different lamps, filched from various parts of my apartment, around the room, including lamps laid on the floor and shooting up at me  I also somehow managed to break a five-headed lamp after I unplugged it when "shooting" wrapped up, something that I am not too happy about.

I have no idea why the video did this, but it seems that upon being uploaded to Blogger the sound is very delayed compared to the image.  I apologize if that gives anyone any difficulties.  The small video, however, can be enlarged to full screen by clicking on it.

Below the video I've included written instructions as well.  Enjoy!

You will need:
  • foundation that's lighter than your natural skin color
  • foundation in your skin tone (optional)
  • white eye shadow
  • black eye liner
  • white eye liner (I substituted this item with more white eyeshadow)
  • thick lash mascara or fake eyelashes
  • red blush
  • red lipstick or lip paint
  1. Wash face clean of all other makeup.  Tie hair back.
  2. Apply a light layer of regular foundation to your face to balance out skin color, especially if you have red blotchiness like I tend to get (optional).
  3. Apply foundation that's lighter than your natural skin tone (but not too light- you want to look like a doll, not a ghost) to your skin.  Cover everything- eyelids, eyebrows, lips, ears, neck, and any other skin area of your choosing.  Make sure the makeup is blended well.
  4. To make your eyes seem larger and more glassy, apply white eyeshadow to eyelids.
  5. Add a very thin layer of black eyeliner to the inside of your upper eyelid to just barely highlight the eye.
  6. Add a layer of white eyeliner to the inside of your lower eyelid (I substituted white eyeshadow for the eyeliner and, obviously, had to lightly dust the outside of the lid, not the inside).
  7. Apply two to three layers of mascara to your eyes.  
  8. Give the mirror a big, obnoxious smile.  Apply a heavy amount of red blush to the apples of your cheeks in big, round circular motions.  Don't be discreet with the blush- dolls rarely had natural looking cheeks.  The redder the better.  
  9. Purse your lips.  With lip liner, draw on the curves of your lips, but instead of going to the corners of your mouth stop about halfway between the corner of your mouth and the center of your lip and make a straight line downward on each side.  Apply red lip paint or lipstick to your lips.
Some curled hair, a corset, and jerky machine motions, and voila!  You are ready to be a life-sized clockwork Victorian doll.

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