Monday, December 12, 2011

steampunk at the movies

Our Steel City Steam Society at the Sunday evening showing of Hugo last week.  The Doctor had just arrived from the Steel City Con, hence why he is the only acceptably not steampunked personage in the group.  Besides, how does The Doctor NOT fit into a steampunk photo?

Yours truly (kneeling next to The Doctor) went as an airship pirate, while her favored gentleman Scott (second from the right standing) made an attempt at another Professor Elemental look with pith helmet, khakis and button-down shirt:

Apparently our little group got some bizarre and/or irritated looks from some people, and my boyfriend got bad customer service from the theater's Starbucks from what he thought was a distaste for our clothing (I think it was more from a lazy employee being, well, a lazy employee, but I wasn't the one dealing with the guy who made my Earl Grey).  But at the local Eat 'n Park that we patronized after the show, we actually made rather a bit of a hit.  We were all polite and generously tipped our waitresses, while one waitress not even serving us came up to us and asked the females for corset purchasing tips.

Something of note:  The Doctor, who was last in line to pay his bill at the diner, said: "Stanton, the manager at Eat-n-Park said that he really enjoyed the atmosphere we brought, and seemed very pleased to have us."

So I guess the SCSS might be freaks, but we are nice freaks?

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