Friday, December 9, 2011

you know you're a steampunk enthusiast when...

  • You spend more money on Victorian or neo-Victorian clothes and accessories than you do on 21st century clothes.
  • You practice an authentic British accent.
  • Brown is the go-to color in your wardrobe.
  • Tesla is your idol, while Edison is just a dirty crook.
  • Buying toy guns doesn't make you childish- it just spices up your outfit.
  • The search for affordable and large clockwork parts takes up most of your online shopping time.
  • Broken objects or appliances, mechanical or otherwise, end up in your home to be "requisitioned."  In my case this has gone from a wine bottle opener to a plastic, gold-colored  Christmas bulb.
  • You troll Craigslist's "Free" section and antique stores for such broken appliances and objects mentioned above.
  • You want to try absinthe simply because it was made popular in the 19th century drink.  And you want to try it the "legitimate" way- dripping water onto a sugar cube, not setting it aflame.
  • You know how to properly wear a corset.
  • The majority of your readings have to do with the Victorian era and its inventions, contributions to modernity, dress, and mannerisms.
  • You drink tea like a fiend.
  • You talk about Jules Verne like he's an old friend.
  • You have enough neo-Victorian inspired music to play it nonstop for 12 hours without repeating songs.
  • Your entire family knows that as long as a gift looks somewhat Victorian you'll probably like it.
This list doesn't exactly display all of my own personal attributes as a steampunk enthusiast.

Anyone have anything they want me to add?

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  1. You collect and cook recipes from Victorian era cookbooks