Sunday, January 15, 2012

batfit challenge #3: good and bad habits

While I have not posted one of Le Professeur Gothique's Bat Fit challenges before, I do know there is a lot I need to work on to get to a happier, healthier me overall.  No, I don't need to lose weight- but I need to exercise on a more regular basis.  No, my eating habits aren't terrible- but I've developed a sugar addiction that resulted in a drinking habit (because alcoholic drinks are sugary) which resulted in drinking too often which resulted in the depressant role of the alcohol kicking in and making my depression worse than it was.  I only kicked the drinking by eating more processed sugary food, so I've got a bigger sugar monster than I had previously to boot.  My social life is relatively healthy, but I still shut people out all too often.  And I am unhappy with my current job situation.

So in response to Le Professeur Gothique's Bat Fit Challenge #3:
For this Bat Fit Challenge you are to give up a bad habit, and in turn, replace it with a good habit.
I will strive to give up the following three bad habits:

  1. Oversleeping and not getting up to my alarm.  While this may be a symptom of my depression, I have always been terrible with waking up and getting out of bed since about junior high school.  Since I have a job that is extremely lax on when my actual working hours are as long as I put my hours in, I tend to not rush with waking up, sometimes getting to work as late as 11 a.m.  I also commonly sleep for ten hours straight.  Not a healthy habit.
  2. Impatience.  I am a NOW NOW NOW type of person and want immediate results.  Unfortunately the waiting game is part of getting a career-type job, and I too often jump straight to despair when my resumes are not responded to or interviews are not forthcoming.  
  3. Perfectionism.  This evil is the main reason I have not written many stories in the past six years.  I keep thinking everything has to be absolutely perfect before being sent to a publisher.  I am hoping that my new sewing hobby will kill that to an extent- I've already let small mistake remain that way, instead of ripping the seams out and starting all over again with a section of work.

Oddly enough, the first one will be the hardest.  I have actually managed to kick the habit and regain it numerous times already.  I just didn't kick it for long enough to make waking up with my alarm a habit in of itself.  


  1. #1 *is* hard, I deal with the same thing. But this semester I am teaching at the local community college at 8am and there is no way I can be late, and that motivates me (don't want to lose my job). I set my alarm real loud with the annoying buzzer, and I also set the coffee to brew next to me (it's got a timer) and the smell wakes me up.

    Perhaps setting yourself up in a situation where you can lose, like a job that'll fire you or a friend who'll get mad if you don't wake up early to go running, idk. That way that'll motivate you more! GOOD LUCK you can do it! :)

  2. i have the same goal as your #1 for this challenge *lol*
    (i work 10-11hrs/day, 2 hours driving, 1hr bathroom and after 10 days of work in a row i tend to sleep all the other time of the day XD)
    so whee, let's go and finally get rid of this bad habit for ever!
    actually maybe i should join you on all 3 o.O but one bad habit is hard enough!

    good luck to you, every little bit helps!!

  3. Good things to give up ... but don't forget to fill the void with something positive. Sewing will definitely teach you how to screw up gracefully! hehehe ... as will knitting and crocheting. I'm pretty impatient and a bit of a perfectionist too. When I knit I can feel my heart racing because it's taking too long. Then I screw up. Mumble to myself. And then slowly ease into relaxation and the divine beauty of living with imperfection. Writing my dissertation has been teaching me patience and how to be humble. sigh ... and how little steps can make a big difference.