Wednesday, January 25, 2012

fascinator fashion

So I was feeling rather adventurous fashion-wise this past Tuesday and decided to declare it fascinator outfit day.  I based an entire outfit around this fascinator I purchased last November at a steampunk Chinese auction:

Why? Just a spontaneous fashion urge- one that makes one declare: "I will wear whatever I want today!... as long as it's mostly work appropriate...."

Not that I usually have a problem with dressing appropriately for work.  I have had a few fails here and there (too-tight, low-cut lacy corset-influenced top wasn't a win as I didn't realize how bad it was until I tried moving around in it all day, and neither was my purple hair after my part-time job coworkers recovered from the initial first week's shock enough to politely ask me when it was going back to normal) but my full-time boss doesn't give a damn what I wear as long as I don't come to work naked.  And even then it might take him a good long while to notice, as he is usually in a head-bent-down-toward-his-iPhone sort of position whenever he first comes into the office. 

But he certainly noticed when he ran into me as we were crossing the path between his office door and my office door wearing this:

Which is amazing, because once it took two hours of waiting for him to comment on a women's shirt imported from his native India that I had inherited from another Indian friend before I finally broke down and asked him if he had noticed it.

Not that I was planning on wearing the fascinator in the office.  I wore it on my walk to work, but I took it off as soon as I entered the office, as I do with all of my hats.  I just happened to be getting ready to make a quick run to Staples when he came in for the first time that day, and so put it on for going out.

The full outfit:

The boots were ordered from DSW- gray-colored heels with a sexy lacing down the back.  The rose-patterned gray fishnets are from Target.  The sweater is an old blue one with ribbon decoration on the left side of the chest from Forever 21, while the skirt is a fishtail design from Anthropologie that I have previously featured here.  Since the weather was unseasonably warm on Tuesday, I wore the same plum-colored wrap I purchased at the Carlow flea market just a week and a half ago instead of my typical puffy winter coat.  Now THAT also impressed my boss, especially when I told him I had snagged the wrap for only $1.  

We sometimes speculate in our office whether he isn't actually one of those fashionably gay men that hides his sexual preferences due to some sort of Indian cultural taboo against homosexuality, as he is one of the best dressed men I know.  We do clash in some ways- he loves expensive brands, while I am a notorious penny pincher on both his business expenses and my clothing purchases.

But he does appreciate my fashion sense.  When I came back from Staples he was surprised and, dare I say it? even disappointed that I had taken my fascinator off, demanding to know why I hadn't kept it on.  I've also heard him brag to some of his sales reps about the uniqueness of my style.


  1. I adore your boots! And the fascinator is too cute! ^^


  2. great outfit, i also esp. love your boots!

  3. I'm sure your boss is very impresssed with your outfit and style but is intimidated...i.e. is afraid of saying anything stupid...or he is a typical Indian guy and culturally can't say anything...anyway keep doing what you are doing!

  4. @ everyone:

    THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMPLIMENTS! I definitely feel that this outfit was a total win now. :)