Wednesday, January 18, 2012

flea market finds

Despite hibernating most of this past weekend due to the below freezing temperatures that descended on the great Steel City itself, I managed to get out on Sunday morning to an advertised flea market at Carlow University.  After parking illegally in a deserted permit-parking only lot, I found the Antonian theater and had an enjoyable look around.

I ended up purchasing the following items:

Three candlesticks.  The tapers were purchased separately.
A velveteen wrap.  It appears to be plum-colored, although it also looks brown and black in the light.
A doorknob.  This purchase was mostly made to complete a walking stick accessory I have been planning for some time now.
The flea market will be going on all month, so if you are in the Pittsburgh area stop by Carlow for antique goods and junk.  There is a "decorative: cast-iron stove there, as well as a nice tea set and a bunch of drug store bottles and candlesticks.


  1. those tapers are awesome. do want :) coo finds.

  2. A Poisoned Beauty- Thanks. They were very cheap too- $3.75 for all of those items!