Thursday, January 12, 2012

future planning- cons

There may be a lack of posts for a while.  I've picked up a part-time job on top of my current full-time position that promises to turn into a more secure full-time job if I play my cards right.  While my current work situation is secure for now, its stability shakes or totters at certain moments, and money is becoming a worrying issue. Not getting paychecks on time on a regular basis and being lied to or having information withheld from one does frighten the average person in these trying economic times.  I am grateful to have a job, but it only becomes volunteer work if the money stops coming in- and I don't love what I do that much to work for free.

Since money is tight, I will have to forgo a European vacation this summer.  Instead I am going to spend my "vacation" time going to various steampunk conventions.  I am not sure exactly how many or which ones I want to attend, but I believe I have it narrowed down to the following:
I will have to calculate gas, hotel and food cost for these events.  The Cincinnati one can easily be a one-day trip for me, getting rid of the need for a hotel.  Fortunately I can also carpool with some steampunkers for some of these events, saving on gas and, potentially, hotel rooms.

I will probably do two or three.  It will also give me a reason to finish my steampunk sewing projects all the more quickly. 

Will any of you be attending any of these conventions?


  1. It's great that you are looking at the bright side of having to cancel your travel plans by focusing on conventions you'll enjoy. I hope you'll share lots of photos from these events!!

    Best of luck with the new job - may it become a stable, full-time venture for you! No one should be taken advantage of by an employer, but it seems to happen a lot now... It's like the bad economy justifies it because employers think you'll never be able to find another job. So sad. :(