Friday, January 27, 2012

impulsive victorian house-buying

Have any of you dear readers ever had an "impulse buy"- something that either you knew you had to have at the moment of purchase despite having no idea what you would do with it, or purchased only because it was cheap?

A few weeks ago I was hunting around I had a 50% off coupon that expired that evening and, seeing as it was 10:30 of the night of the coupon's expiration date, I was eager to use it.  Unfortunately the coupon could only be used on one full-priced item, and all of the fabrics or larger sewing accessories were on sale.  Since it wasn't worth me using the coupon on smaller accessories as the shipping costs would cost more than the savings I would accrue with the coupons, I began to accept the fact that the coupon would go to waste.

Then I saw this Greenleaf Dollhouse Kit.

With a few quick second thoughts I put it in my virtual shopping cart and proceeded to checkout.

As to this day I have no idea why.  Impulsive buying isn't something I'm known to do, but I guess I just wanted a dollhouse and saw an opportunity to get one for relatively cheap.  It's not like I've ever had a real wood dollhouse or had a real desire for one; sisters or cousins young enough to enjoy such an item; or any nieces to give it to. My youngest sister, who inherited a rowhouse styled dollhouse from a deceased aunt, used to build dollhouse accessories for fun until she was 12 or 13.  But she's 18 now and has no need for another dollhouse to sit and collect dust in my parents' basement.

I think my rationalization of this purchase was as follows:

  • It's for my mom for Mother's Day! (This was under the assumption that the house was already painted, which it's not.  Besides, despite her love of Victorian houses and furniture, I am not sure she would actually appreciate this gift as much as I wanted to believe when I first purchased it.)
  • It might make a cool decoration for our apartment (Reader, it does not.  We have an ugly apartment that is already choking under the mixed styles of: a mismatch of furniture from my grandparents' house, plastic patio chairs used as kitchen table chairs, and the array of appliances, cleaning supplies, and other miscellaneous items hanging out on our mantelpiece because our apartment has zero closet space; my flea market Victorianesque knickknacks; two prints depicting American military warfare ranging from 1750-1815; and nearly a dozen framed 8x10 black and white movie star photos from the 1930s-1960s.)
  • It could always be used in a raffle for an event with the Steel City Steam Society (This has been the only realistic notion thus far).
But as soon as the package arrived bearing my new mini Victorian cottage, I realized that the project was much more extensive than I at first guessed.  So now I have a disassembled plywood dollhouse sitting in my apartment and no idea what to do with it.  

I did chat with my youngest sister about it though.  Even though she thinks it's incredibly bizarre of me to just randomly purchase a dollhouse, she is willing to help me construct it, as she will be attending college at one of the nearby universities next year.  I would like to make it into a steampunk-style dollhouse.  She would rather make it into a normal Victorian-style house.  We will see if this project comes to fruition.

Have you ever made a random or impulsive purchase?  If so, did you regret it, or did you put it to good use?


  1. I bought a dollhouse as well. Back in October. I just had this wild hair & thought, "What a great idea ~ how fun will this be?" After a few doubts & false starts I have really gotten into it. My problem is ~ every time I finish something (painting the rooms, doing the roof, settling on furnishing / themes) I keep thinking "maybe I should have done this or that instead". So, I guess that means maybe more dollhouse projects in future to satisfy my imaginings. Good luck with yours. I'll check back for pix. (speaking of which ~ I should post some of my own pictures ...)

  2. @ Gracie Jane- You definitely should post your own pictures! It would certainly help hopeless people like me get what we might possibly do with our own dollhouses. Believe me, I will be looking up internet help before even thinking about embarking on my own dollhouse remodeling.

  3. I scoured the internet & I started a folder on my desktop & just filled it with pix of dollhouses & minis that I liked. (I also spent time on pinterest doing the very same) That helped center me a bit. As soon as I revamp my blog & get the pix up I will give you a holler.

  4. Hullo! I've finally put together my blog & wanted to invite you to it. I'll be posting pictures of my dollhouse within a few days so keep a look out for it. I'm not sure it's what you would do (or even what I wanted to do!) But, it's coming together.

    There are some links on my page for minis & related ideas. Keep me posted on your dollie-house progress. I can't wait to see what cool things you'll come up with!

  5. @ Gracie Jane- Thanks so much for the link to your blog! I can't wait to see the dollhouse photos. I am also looking forward to exploring some of those links in greater detail.