Friday, February 24, 2012

plague rats

And now for something I completely forgot to show in my past two Emilie Autumn concert posts: the outfits that my sister Jordan and I wore as Plague Rats:

Isn't my little sister the most adorably sexy girl out there? I had no idea she could braid her beautiful long blonde hair so well!

My recent corset purchase proved to be quite successful.  I received the following reactions:
  • Scott loved it
  • My mother called me "Pippi Longstocking" and a cancan dancer.  As is almost always the case with my mom, I wasn't sure whether these comments were meant to be insults or compliments.  I was just happy that she seemed so excited to help Jordan dress like a Plague Rat.
  • I received a compliment from the guy selling merchandise about how awesome it looked and inquiries about whether I had made the outfit myself
  • According to Scott, I received a mix of looks from girls ranging from curiosity to dirty looks.  

The following photos are Jordan and I dancing to the corny closing music at the end of the concert.

On the way back home I had the displeasure of hearing my sister's half of a conversation between herself and her boyfriend.  He was, apparently, very upset with her choice of clothing for this concert, as he saw via a cell phone photo she snapped of herself and then sent to him.  In his opinion, she should not have dressed the way she did without him there.  Because she had dressed as she did without him there he was suspicious that her intentions were to pursue other guys.

I can see the boy's side for one reason: perhaps he didn't fully understand what the Emilie Autumn stage show consists of.  Since I am a protective older sister who also has a boyfriend who has never complained about me dressing "too slutty" to an event when he's not going to be in attendance, I have obvious biases against the boy's issues with Jordan's clothes.  But what do you readers think?  Can an "attached" young lady only dress provocatively when her boyfriend is around, or does such dress indicate that said attached lady is looking for a new boy toy when the current boy is not around?  Or does it indicate something else entirely?

Any thoughts?


  1. First of all: You both looked really nice =)

    To your question: I think one should always dress for oneself and not for others. So if your sister felt good about herself when she wore that outfit it was absolutely apropriate that she wore it. Her boyfriend has no saying in this whatsoever. He should be happy for her that she got the opportunity to dress up and most importantly: He should trust her!

  2. How absolutely lucky you are to go to one of her concerts! I watched it on Gigstream and I was worried I'd be left jealous that I wasn't actually there, however I didn't feel disheartened whatsoever. Still doesn't mean I don't wish I could go to one!!
    It is my personal opinion that your sister, and anyone else, should be able to wear whatever makes them happy. People need to stop dressing for other people (Or in this case, worrying that their girlfriends are dressing for other people) and start dressing for themselves.

  3. I'm concerned that her boyfriend should react that way - not that it's my arena to spar in, but there should be some heart-to-heart over a reaction like that.

    I wonder that, if a woman's intention in dressing is to be 'provocative' why a 'significant other' needs to be there or not, but I'm talking from a very boring Monogamy or Le Mort platform. If she wants to get the (sexual) attention of other males, why should she have a boyfriend with her?

    If she wants attention from a more aesthetic standpoint then she'll catch everyone's eyes. I imagine the stalwart boyfriend will then act as a litmus test for those too stupid to realise she's not doing it to get in anyone's pants.

    And finally, in other news, reporting in from Utopia: in an ideal situation, she would be perfectly comfortable to dress however the *+* she wants, and no one would care one whit. I hope they, as I hope you did, were too busy just having a Great Time.

  4. niiiice outfits.

    i think it does not matter at all who is around and who is not when it comes to choice of clothes, makeup or *scratches head* he should trust her and be proud of his beautiful girl :-(

  5. The boy's being silly. She looked great and happy. And I think not understanding EA concerts is a big part of his displeasure.

  6. I agree with the countess. A female/girl/lady/womyn, whatever you want to call her, should be able to wear what she wants, regardless of what others think.

    It is her choice, her body, and she is an independent individual void of anyone else. Does she tell *him* what he can or cannot wear when she is not around? Probably not, why should he.

  7. Ohh my..! I'm going to Emilie Autumn concert in march, and now have the outfit-panic!:D

    To the question: She looked great in the outfit, and her boyfriend is simply jealous, that he wasn't there to show off with her. Or an insecure little boy, who is frightened to lose someone who is so much better looking than him. ^^

    Sorry about the clichés, but clichés are true, just too often repeated to believe. :)

  8. Thank you all of you lovely ladies who responded to my post! The good news is that my little sister's boyfriend did apologize to her for his comments. It's so refreshing to know that so many girls out there (all of you ladies) believe that one should not dress to please another person.

  9. I'm late to the party but I want to add my two cents (and trust me, I speak from experience): her boyfriend is bad news. Anyone that possessive and jealous over nothing is trouble. She can dress how she pleases without it being sexual, and if he doesn't like it, that isn't her problem. I'm glad to hear that he apologized, but if it were me, I would never truly trust him again.

    You both look fantastic. He can go suck some eggs.