Friday, February 10, 2012

"let me in your window-oh-oh-oh..."

Here's a quick and dirty (not in the risque sense) post for you today: Pat Benatar's version of "Wuthering Heights"- inspired by the tragic Victorian novel of the same name by Emily Bronte.  While I loathe the novel, I happily rediscovered this song on a random mixed CD I popped into my car's CD player yesterday afternoon- a cover of Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights" by Pat Benatar.

Ironically, I was driving through a cemetery when this first came on.  I have dedicated this past week to paying my respects at the graves of deceased relatives buried in the greater Pittsburgh area.  Unlike this song, however, I can't say any of them are trying to haunt me.  

Now for some random asides:
  •  My paternal Lithuanian great-grandparents were 14 years apart in age-  Steponus was born in 1884 and Tekla in 1898.
  • Yellow flowers are considered to be mourning flowers in Lithuania.  So I appropriately left yellow daisies on their graves, as well as at the grave of my paternal grandfather.
  • Emily Bronte and I share the same birthday- July 30.
  • My boss is afraid of ghosts.  I've told him that certain wooded areas or buildings were haunted before just to watch him flip out and flee.
  • I've actually gone ghost hunting before at an 18th century battlefield.  It was a joke, largely due to our interactions with the paranormal team conducting the hunt.  First of all, the women were all over 50 and claimed to be empaths, while all of the guys were under 25 and only worked the technical equipment.  The women felt lots of "sadness," the entire team thought that a wild animal call was a Native American war cry, and they were convinced that a radio scanning the T.I. song  "Dead and Gone"  (featuring Justin Timberlake) was a sign from a spirit.

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