Saturday, February 4, 2012

own your own '1872' gun cane!

As some readers may be aware, I am not the biggest fan of Clockwork Couture.  Don't get me wrong- they have absolutely gorgeous steampunk clothes that appear to be of high quality craftsmanship.  But their prices make me cringe, especially because I have seen several of their pieces sold for as much as 70% cheaper through other vendors, although 45% seems to be the normal savings one will receive getting their corsets and skirts from elsewhere (see previous posts "to tighten the wallet as much as the corset"  and "clockwork couture not so cheap?").

My twin sister Leigh, however, hit upon one item offered by Clockwork Couture that I strongly doubt you will find cheaper anywhere else- the '1872' Empire-Remington Catalytic Gun Cane:

Despite the hefty price tag of $299.95, this gun cane is "WINNING" (Leigh's words) for the following reasons:

I do wish that this particular piece of merchandise explained who made the gun cane and its "history" and significance in the steampunk world for which it is intended in the item description.  It's still quite a unique piece.  Thanks Leigh

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  1. and it is silver <3 dont want to offend anyone but i so much prefer silverish/cold colors to warm/goldish colors and most steampunk etc. seems to be gold and brown (or maybe it is some mistake on my mind?!)