Monday, February 27, 2012

sewing projects- bustle butt

Last Friday I finished my second steampunk sewing project- the tie-on "bustle" to match my brown skirt.

I got to try out the entire skirt ensemble this weekend at the Arsenal Bowling Lanes in Lawrenceville, where the Steel City Steam Society met to drink, bowl, meander, and get awkward looks from our fellow yinzers.

Considering the high amount of difficulty I had making sections of this bustle, overall I am very satisfied with how it turned out.  I don't think it's a good design for a bustle by any stretch of the imagination, but the project ended up just as the directions told me it would, which means that I can follow basic sewing directions and survive the four or five layers of ruffles and gathers that were incorporated into making this pain in the arse project.  Pun totally intended.  One of these layers literally took me four hours and experimenting with various kinds of thread before settling on a thin crocheting thread, which was the only thing thick enough to hold it all together.  

The "bustle" itself is not padded, a feature that I may have to change if I want to have more of a Victorian hump.  But it certainly did make my hips look wider and my corseted frame look slimmer:

And for your viewing pleasure, the "Bloody hell, another gutter ball!" pose.

More photos of the SCSS's bowling night can be seen at the SCSS blog courtesy of yours truly.  


  1. Congrats on another sewing success!
    I agree that the overskirt needs a little more support, but you've done well to tackle so many layers and ruffles et al.!

  2. The bustle is the perfect addition to that skirt! You make quite a stylish bowler. ;)

  3. Great bustle! I second Kitty on you being a very stylish bowler. :)