Monday, February 6, 2012

sewing projects: simple neo-victorian skirt

This past Saturday I finally finished the project on which I had been working on and off for the entire month of January: a brown neo-Victorian skirt from a Simplicity pattern.

Here it is:

I tried to follow the pattern as closely as possible, but discovered at the end that certain things don't look as nice when done according to the instructions- like the overlock stitch that was recommended for the "hemming" of the ruffle around the skirt.  And they told me to use a different colored thread for the overlocking stitch, which is why the ruffle has a tint of red around it.

The ruffle was, by far, the most difficult part.  Learning to  gather the material with a long machine stitch without pulling so hard that one breaks the thread was not easy on this rather heavy material I chose for the skirt, and I ended up having to pull all of the work out and start over again twice because of that or the ruffle  not fitting right to the overskirt.  But once I got the hang of it it was fairly simple, albeit time-consuming.  And messy-looking.  Good thing the instructions also said to add a braid around the offensive stitching (which was also an interesting lesson in the ability of my machine to handle thicker materials).

Overall there is a ton I learned just from making this skirt which I predict will help me in future projects.  Despite the mistakes, I am looking forward to more challenging projects and picking up more skills as I go along.  Now to make a petticoat for this skirt to make it flare more like it's actually from the 19th century...


  1. I'm impressed! Looks great. :)

  2. What kind of fabric did you use? I have the same pattern but haven't used it yet. The skirt looks modern enough to wear out, even without a "costume."

  3. The material is called "Potting Soil Rodeo" from JoAnn Fabrics- a canvas like bottomweight material.