Monday, February 13, 2012

snowy days and steampunk ways

The 'Burgh was hit with blowing snow and below freezing temperatures this past weekend.  What is a girl to do?  Put on her ankle-length skirt over thick nylons and two other skirts, pop on an underbust corset over a blouse, and hit the town!  

Well, sort of.  All I managed to do in this outfit was cautiously drive to the South Side to visit Slacker, an alternative clothing store that sells corsets supplied by Black Hearts Clothing.  Black Hearts is a local retailer that sells corsets for very reasonable prices- about $40-$50 a pop.

After chatting with Cy, the proprietor of this clothing line who was working at Slacker that day, she found out that I have purchased two corsets previously from them (one of which you can see in this post).  Also discovering that I was a follower of the steampunk scene, she very generously gifted me with a brass and resin rose necklace:

In all fairness I did spend $80 while I was there specifically on Black Hearts items, but nevertheless it was a wonderful gesture, one that few businesses do anymore. 

Oh, and I also stopped at a local Roman Catholic church for Saturday evening mass, sans the corset.  I received lots of compliments on my hat in the parking lot!


  1. most of the companies that hand out gifts are those that are small and still care about their customers, the only bigger company i know that does this from time to time is heavy red <3
    who does not love special gift when you spent some money ^^° and a really pretty outfit, matches perfectly!

  2. I should check out Slacker, I didn't realize there were any alternative clothing stores like that around Pittsburgh . . . it would be nice to support some local business ^_^ I like your outfit, and the rose necklace is quite pretty!

  3. Love this corset! I find it a nice touch too when companies Give little gifts to their customers. :)

  4. Well done on the skirt - the whole outfit suits you down to a tee!

  5. Wow! I'm Italian and I love this blog! ** I love the Victorian style!