Monday, February 20, 2012

teeny update

Tomorrow is the Emilie Autumn concert at Mr. Small's Theater!  While it will be an extremely busy day for me, it will be worth it to spend this year's concert with excellent friends.  And a great excuse to put on a corset and striped stockings!

In other news, I stole the video posted below from my friend Ruth at The Steel City Steam Society's blog.  While I am helping to blog there right now, all of my lame posts (under the moniker "Rose McGeady") are just copies of posts that can already be found on this blog.  Mostly because I'm lazy and no one from the group reads this blog anyway.  But check out the blog, especially if you're in the Pittsburgh area.  Ruth is trying to make it more of a go-to than the Facebook page for those who don't have Facebook.

Those crazy middle class Victorians and their incorrigible prudishness:


  1. have fun at your concert :-D

    i will have some pain in my abs tomorrow, lovely video XD

  2. I hope you enjoy the concert!
    The video is hilarious, I love it!

    This is my very first comment on your blog (or any blog^^)