Thursday, March 15, 2012

hiatus hopefully over

Many apologies for the week-long hiatus.  I have been swamped with work.  It's great as the work day goes so much faster, but I've also been working major overtime as well.  I must have clocked in an additional 50 hours from last Wednesday to this Wednesday as a result.

Hopefully this easy. fun post is the start of a little of the normalcy that is slowly returning to my schedule.  Many thanks to Ms. Lou from The Neo-Victorian Parlour for tagging me for this blog questionaire thing that's been hitting the round of blogs I read.  Here's how it works.
  • Post the rules on your blog
  • Write 11 things about you
  • Answer it
  • Create 11 new questions for the future tagged ones
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  • Tag 11 people

11 Things About Me
  1. Ben & Jerry's Phish Food Ice Cream is my weakness.
  2. I'm a neat freak.  My part of my apartment is almost always immaculately clean, my jewelry, books, and clothing organized, and even my sewing stuff is almost always put away at the end of each day.  Everything has to be put away before I go to bed at night and set out for the next day in order for me to feel ready.
  3. I'm extremely clumsy.  I've managed to fall out of my office chair and have it fall on me, trip over numerous Pittsburgh sidewalks or rocks on wooded paths, slip on ice patches in cemeteries and trip over my own feet.  Once I fell up an escalator, receiving a gash on my knee that nearly sent me into shock and required eight stitches and five hours of my time to mend.
  4. I'm absolutely hopeless at math.
  5. Despite despising most rap music, I do listen to the 8 Mile soundtrack very often while running.  it pumps me up. 
  6. Don't talk to me while I am busy writing, even if it's an email.  You mess up my mental concentration on the task at hand.
  7. I want to live out of the country for one year or longer just to see what it's like.  I am not expecting to like it- just expecting something different and new from what I already know.
  8. The best way for me to discover a city is to get lost in it and try to find my way back to a familiar landmark on my own again.
  9. Although I am not a motherly person and I don't want kids anytime soon, kids of most ages seem to love me.  I have not yet figured out why.
  10. Nicknames I have had include: "Big Fry," "Serious Lady,"  "Thing 2" (my twin sister is "Thing 1"), "La-la," (like the Teletubie) "Cluny," (from the Redwall series) "Beast," "Boss-man," "Evil Twin," and variations of my Lithuanian last name.
  11. I play the alto saxophone.

Here are Ms. Lou's questions for me:

1. What is your favorite book or series?

Jane Eyre

2. What album or artist are you listening to a lot of right now?

Hmmm... I am going to have to go with Flogging Molly.  St. Paddy's Day is just around the corner...

3. What was your favorite class in high school? Are you still interested in that subject?

Despite having mostly horrible teachers, history was my favorite subject and still remains my favorite subject.

4. What was the last thing you cooked/baked? Did it turn out?

Old World Chicken in my crock pot for a group of friends.  It's a super easy recipe and is always done when I get home from work.  It turned out juicy and delicious, as always.  But don't think I am a cook- that's the job of the boyfriend.  :)

5. What is your favorite item to wear right now?

Fishnet tights, like these ones from Target shown briefly in this post.  Since the weather is getting warmer, however, these may be too warm for me in a few weeks.

6. Do you wear nail polish? What color? Or do you go for a more natural look?

I rarely wear nail polish, but mostly because I'm too lazy to apply it or maintain it, and too impatient to wait for it to fully dry before going about my normal tasks, which messes up the work I did on them.  Otherwise I would wear it all the time.

7. What is your dream job?


8. If you were a super heroine, what would your power be?

Flying.  I would love to fly over everyone to get more quickly from point A to point B and to not have to deal with stopping at traffic lights.

9. Where is the place you most want to visit in the world?

That's a tough one, as I wanted to visit Lithuania for the longest time before I went last year.  I guess now I want to visit England and Ireland more so than anywhere else.

10. Is there a clothing item or shoe you are craving right now?

Always!  These items from Plasticland have particularly caught my eye:
11. What advice would you give your 13 year old self?

Holding grudges like your mom is not the way to resolve differences between friends.  And chill out- life isn't so serious.

I'm tagging everyone who hasn't already been tagged, as I think most of you have already been tagged.

My questions for you are the following:
  1. What is your greatest physical feature, or one you are most proud of?
  2. Do you have any odd skills that no one knows about (i.e. peeling a banana with your feet, rattling off 50 different slang terms for alcohol in 2 minutes, or being able to block people out who are annoying you?
  3. If you were at Hogwarts, which House would you most likely be in and why?
  4. Who's your favorite book villain?
  5. What job would you want to try out just to see what it's like?  it doesn't have to be a dream job- it should be a job you were always curious about seeing if you would like it.
  6. What is the best clothing item you's ever owned?
  7. Dogs or cats?
  8. Who's your favorite author?
  9. If you had a particular time period you would want to live in circa 1980, what would it be and why?  If not, what's great about our modern times?
  10. What "immature" things are you known for?  Proud of it?
  11. Give us an odd historical fact- can be recent history.

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