Friday, March 23, 2012

tea girls

Want to see Disney-esque cartoon girls steampunked out? 

Disney storyboard artist Brian Kesinger has managed to take his work skills and create a beautiful series of young stylized women decked out in- you guessed it- steampunk garb.

image source: Brian Kesinger's Tea Girls
Making its way through the steampunk sites on the internet,, especially this past winter, this artwork particularly resonated with me because it looks like stills for a Disney princess animated movie.  As most of you know, I do have a fondness for the animated Disney princess movies, mostly out of nostalgia from my childhood days.  Since Kesinger does work for Disney, it isn't surprising his Tea Girls, as these steampunk femmes are fondly called, seem so appropriate for the entertainment giant.

image source: Steampunk Chronicle
Considering the gradual decline in popularity Disney princess movies have received for the past 10-15 years, such scientifically based, mechanically inclined, intelligent and feminine characters might be what the whole Disney princess genre needs to rejuvenate itself.  Of course there is no such plan in the works for Kesinger's Tea Girls.  I am merely contemplating the future of the Disney princess line of movies.

image source: iO9
The Steampunk Chronicle spotlighted Mr. Kesinger in this Q&A article written last month, where readers are given an insight into his inspirations for the Tea Girls, the process through which he creates each new "girl," and his general experiences as a Disney artist.  

The article also reveals that Mr. Kesinger takes commissions- which makes anyone's desire to be made into a Tea Girl a very real possibility.

image source: iO9 
Mr. Kesinger's Tea Girls artwork is sold as prints through Clockwork Couture and as apparel through WeLoveFine's Shop.  His work can also be found on his website and Facebook page.  On the latter link you can see the start of what appears to be the first page for a comic book or graphic novel of a Tea Girl entitled "The Intrepid Molly McGuinness," which will apparently be coming out in the fall!

image source: Brian Kesinger's Tea Girls 
Thnak you Brian Kesinger for creating such wonderfully creative steampunk artwork!  I love it!


  1. oh wow! that guys great! love those pics, thanks for showing :-D

  2. These are absolutely amazing! Now, I wish they would come out with a steampunk animated movie like this. It would be amazing.

  3. So cool. I really love the color palette, as well as the ink-blot backgrounds.

    @Brittany, it wouldn't surprise me a bit if a movie were to come out sooner or later! :)