Saturday, March 24, 2012

spring cleaning

It's almost as if Pittsburgh skipped spring- we went from a mild winter to 80 degree weather in a matter of days, and the high temperatures remained for about seven days.  Since an overnight rain has finally cooled temperatures, I took the opportunity presented by the weather to attack the dust and clutter that built up in my apartment over the past few months.

Once a member of the Steel City Steam Society asked where members stored our bulky Victorian and steampunk clothing.  She had a crinoline in the way at home and, I suppose, wanted advice as to how to store it so that it was no longer taking up so much space.  I just replied that I kept all of my costumes in my boyfriend's closet, taking up about half the space in there.  

Although he never complained about the amount of space I had arbitrarily claimed as my own, I knew my boyfriend wasn't thrilled that he could not get to his wargaming figures without pushing heavy skirts and fallen corsets aside.  When I hit this closet during my cleaning, however, I knew that something had to be done.  The closet was just overflowing.

So I went to Walmart and bought new pant hangers to replace the broken ones I had been using for my skirts and corsets.  I even purchased a six-tier skirt hanger for my extensive collection of corsets.  My eight corsets fit perfectly on the hanger.

Front view
Back view
Then I bought a canvas clothes closet.  It's about three feet wide, 1.5 feet deep, and over five feet tall.  In our tiny apartment it's not easy to find room for such a thing, but we had just recently moved a futon out of a corner of my bedroom, and I had a bit of space to play with.  

One plus of this purchase is that it can be zipped up to keep out dirt and dust.  Another plus is that small "costume items" such as hats can be stored in the bottom of the closet, rather than under my bed where they can get dusty or damaged.

The best part of all was that I could add my other costume items, such as a full 18th century gown, my Queen Gorgo costume, and V for Vendetta cape, hat, mask, and throwing knives belt.  I also managed to give Scott even more space in his closet by adding his Spartan costume and a full-length heavy black cloak, officially making this easy-to-assemble bit of Wal-Mart goodness our "costume closet."

Where do you store your alternative clothing items?  Where do you store your costumes from Halloweens, conventions, or events?  Is it easy or difficult to find the space?  Do you have any storage tips to share?


  1. that idea of corset storing is great! and so kind of you to allow your loved one a little more space ;-D

    um... my clothes well... i have two huge double-clothes-rails and some 2m high ikea-rack and another one for my shoes *cough*. actually i live in a dressing room (at least thats what ive been told) will change when i move but my clothes need their space (guess im addicted to shopping for clothes and makeup and things...)! everything is stored visible so i can 'grab' what i want... oh and then i have my working clothes stored at work to not make my room look too messy ^^

  2. That's a brilliant solution! I always used to take Mr. Kitty's half of the closet as well as the second bedroom closet... Now we've lucked out and have a massive walk-in in the house we bought (most of the houses we looked at didn't have large closets, so this almost didn't happen!). Mr. Kitty still only gets about 1/6 of the walk-in for his stuff... ;)