Monday, March 26, 2012

vsf gaming preview- scott's experiment

My boyfriend has gently suggested all week that we do some tabletop wargaming at a local gaming store.  It was a particularly tough week for me, as several things came crashing down at once and I had to sort through the mess.  But on Sunday I finally stopped making excuses and went, mostly to spend quality time with my boyfriend doing something he loves and I like.

The game he had set up was, more or less, a Victorian Science Fiction game of his own creation.  The backstory appears to be that a mad scientist has run off to Zululand in South Africa, where he is building some sort of infernal device that will do something terrible to the Earth.  

British troops must get through the scientists' hordes of Zulu allies, a steampunk witch, a witchdoctor and a flame-throwing dreadnought to destroy his device before it works its terribleness.  

From left to right- The witch, the mad scientist, the dreadnought (behind) and... I have no idea
what that big guy it.

Zulu warriors
But they have help from one artillery piece, a ninja like woman with a Tesla gun that shoots electricity, and a power armor noble.

British Troops
Natal Native Contingent
British Calvary
Miss Rosemoore (or so I think Scott called her) 
Lord Morrow (?)  He definitely looks like Dr. Robotnik
I played the British, while Scott took the mad scientist/ Zulu side.  It was a very close game, and the sides seemed to be pretty evenly distributed.  Although Scott slaughtered me down to the last man, his troops took a rather similar beating.  I think if I had had more confidence in the strengths of my character figures- the woman and the armored man- against Scott's dreadnought and witch, then I would have positioned them differently.  As it was Miss Rosemoore ended up killing the dreadnought, which had annihilated the armored man and two full units of British soldiers, with one fatal blow.  

The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny- VSF style
A smoking, deactivated dreadnought.
Scott may make a few minor changes, but overall it looks like the game is a go for the SCSS as long as we can get enough members to play.

Unfortunately I did not bring my camera, so I ended up using my cell phone's poor camera instead to take these photos of the game in progress.  Enjoy anyway!


Scott: "Hi blogosphere!"

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