Monday, April 23, 2012

diy: gun holsters

To ensure that I didn't leave my new steampunk guns at any future events, I decided to make two holsters with flaps to attach to a brown belt.  Instead of using leather, which is rather expensive and requires thicker sewing needles, thicker thread, and stronger cutting implements than I currently possess, I went with costume pleather as my material of choice.

All instructions to make holsters seem to depend a great deal on the shape of the gun one wants to store within them, so there is no set pattern for them.  A lot of the steps I made up as I went along.  

Without further ado, here's the rather freestyle method I used to create my flap holsters.

  • 1/2 yard pleather 
  • chalk
  • toy gun
  • belt
  • sew-on snaps

1. Lay the gun down on one side with the length of the gun on the fold of pleather.  With the chalk measure the shape of the gun onto the pleather.  When you reach the trigger of the gun do not chalk out the shape of the handle, as you want the handle to stick out of the flap.  Instead draw a straight line from the trigger to the edge of the pleather. Leave enough extra pleather after the handle to create a foldable flap.

Note the trigger line that marks where I abandoned tracing the exact shape of the gun.
2. Cut out the shape, keeping the fold intact.  Sew from the barrel end of the shape, from the fold, to the trigger line.

3. Turn the material inside out.

4. Cut out the material from the trigger line to the open end of the pleather on one side of the fold.  Hem all open edges (Note: I have no idea if pleather frays easily, so I decided to avoid the risk by hemming.  I am not sure if that step was totally necessary as hemming doesn't seem to add to the overall appearance of the final product.)

5. Cut a piece of pleather and sew to make a belt loop that fits the width of the belt you plan to use.  Place the gun in the holster and fold the flap over.  Pin the belt loop level to the back of the holster just before it begins to fold over the handle of the gun.  Hand-sew the back of the loop to the pleather.

6. Sew snaps onto the holster, measuring where the flap comes down onto the pocket.

7.  Put the belt loop on the belt, place the gun in the belt, and voila!  You are done with your first holster!  

8. Repeat steps 1-7 for the second holster.  

I am very pleased with this project.  Although they took longer than expected due to some clumsy measuring inaccuracies on my part at first, they look very good for only two hours of my time and $8.99 worth of material plus a belt I already own.

Now I'm thinking of making a small cartridge box, a fan holder, and other pleather goodies to attach to the belt.  Maybe even a snap for a teacup handle.  You know, in case I find a tea party to attend in my steampunk Wild West adventures.


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